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F.U. (AKA Sales Follow Up)| The GSD Show with Mike Arce


F.U. (AKA Sales Follow Up)| The GSD Show with Mike Arce




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Show Notes

Want more members and to dramatically increase your revenue?? The key is in your sales follow up game!

FOLLOWING UP IN SALES:  In this episode, I’m talking about one of the most important pieces of the sales game, and that’s the follow up.

Most people hate following up and for many different reasons. Today I’m breaking down why it’s important and share some of the best strategies for following up in the fitness industry.

Grant Cardone on Sales Follow Up

This is a great quote from Grant Cardone on sales follow up. “More than 80% of Sales are made between the 5th and 12th touch.”

In other words, if you only call once and never follow up again, you’re missing a ton of sales. But on top of that, you’re missing sales if you stop following up after just 4 calls!

fitness studio gym sales grant cardone 12 touches - v2

My Follow Up Story

I really wanted to work with Daniel Nyiri and new we could build an incredible book of business together. So, I started following up…

Not once, not twice, but 26 times until I finally got a “Yes!” from Daniel. Here’s how Daniel tells the story:

fitness studio gym sales 4u owner daniel nyiri 26 calls no 25

What You’ll Learn Sales Follow Up

  • How to know if you’re winning or losing in your follow up
  • Real expectations for following up with leads
  • Types of leads and how to follow up with each
  • How you can get more hot leads from cold leads
  • When the right time is to follow up and how often
  • The perfect text to get leads to respond

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