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How Targeting Ads Only to High Income People Can Hurt You


How Targeting Ads Only to High Income People Can Hurt You




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Show Notes

Should your fitness studio only target people with high income? Not so fast…

In this GSD episode, I’m covering a topic that most fitness studio owners don’t understand when it comes to advertising to their target demographic.

A common phrase I hear amongst studio owners that haven’t mastered their advertising craft is “These leads don’t have any money. I just need better leads.” So today, I’m breaking down my thoughts on why this mindset is killing your business.

Why Fitness Studio Owners Focus On Leads With “High Income” Levels

Because leads are coming in but not converting, there must be an issue with leads right? So what was their number one objection?

“That’s pretty expensive… I’ll have to talk to my spouse.” Or maybe it’s, “Yeah, that’s not in my budget.” These are actually very common objections. For some of your prospects, it’s more like a reflex than a well thought out objection.

The question becomes, are they really saying this because your prices are too high for them and their income? Does a string of these objections mean your leads don’t have a high income?


What this demonstrates—and you might not want to hear this—is lackluster sales process and little or no training.

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High Income Isn’t An Obstacle For Great Salespeople

This doesn’t mean you’re forcing people to pay for something they legitimately can’t afford. Not only would that be unethical, but no one would let you do it. Think about it…

Yes, people buy things they can’t afford all the time, but it’s rare you see a middle class person driving a Ferrari. When people legitimately can’t afford something, they won’t buy it.

So what you want to do is work on the sales tips and techniques I cover in this episode. You’ll quickly see that high income isn’t why people buy…

What You’ll Learn

  • Why people with $$$ aren’t the best demographic to target
  • How to reframe your mindset on leads that “can’t afford” memberships
  • The people with money aren’t waiting for fitness studio special offers
  • The best way to prepare for leads of all types
  • What the top 5% of fitness studios are doing to close “poor leads”

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