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5 Reasons Fitness Studios MUST Be Advertising In Winter | The GSD Show

BITE #15

5 Reasons Fitness Studios MUST Be Advertising In Winter | The GSD Show

BITE #15



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Show Notes

Fitness Studios… When It Comes To Advertising: WINTER IS COMING…

DON’T pause your advertising campaigns until you listen to this episode of The GSD Show! I break down 5 Reasons to keep your campaigns running and BONUS: An amazing way to get your current members to bring friends and family in for a great cause!

So, why should you keep your Fitness Studio campaigns running during the Holidays?

1 | Advertising Offer Mix-Up

It’s important to mix things up! The last thing you want is someone viewing your marketing pieces, not acting on them, and seeing the same Ads, Videos, etc. over and over again. But, when something FRESH hits their eyes — say, a Holiday Promotion — it could be the Ad that gets them through the door.

2 | Zig & Zag Advertising

While all of your competitors are pausing their campaigns during the Holidays thinking no one will come in (Zig), you’ll have the opportunity to load up your booked appointments for the New Year before the ball drops in New York City (Zag). BONUS: When they pause, it dramatically opens up the Ad space for people to see YOUR Ads instead of competitor Ads!

3 | Buying Atmosphere

What’s the #1 thing people are doing this time of year? SPENDING MONEY! Ding-Ding! They already have their wallets out, they already have plastic ready to go, so… why wouldn’t a Fitness Studio want to get in front of a person looking for reasons to purchase things? It’s the perfect time, right?

4 | Lead Loading

Fitness Studios who pause their Advertising Campaigns during the holidays don’t start attracting Leads until the New Year starts — which means, they won’t get Leads booked or into classes (if they’re lucky) until the month of January is over and in the rearview mirror — NOT YOU though… you kept your Advertising going and got people into classes starting January 1st. You’re ahead of the game for the rest of the year!

5 | Tis the Season of Giving

This is a perfect opportunity to help kids in need with a side benefit of having your members bring friends and family in for workouts that benefit great organizations like Feed My Starving Children — you’ll be shocked how many fresh faces you’ll see in your studio. PLUS, you’ll be doing something wonderfully charitable this Holiday Season.

These are the reasons to NEVER pause your advertising campaigns when “Winter is Coming…” and I break them down in more detail in this episode of The GSD Show. I also give you some unique strategies to implement this week!

What You’ll Learn About Advertising

  • How to get fitness studio sessions booked BEFORE January 1st
  • Why you should NEVER pause your Winter Ad Campaigns
  • What to do to set your fitness studio up for Winter success

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