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Sales Objection: “It’s Not In My Budget” | The GSD Show


Sales Objection: “It’s Not In My Budget” | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

A major sales objection fitness studios hear a lot is: “It’s Not In My Budget.” Many will nod along and say, “Oh, OK… I get that.” Instead, you should see this sales objection as an opportunity!

How The Sales Objection “It’s Not In My Budget” Is Actually An Opportunity

The fact that your fitness studio’s prospect even has a budget is a good thing! This means that they know what money is coming in and what money is going out. It also means, that things can easily be adjusted to make this work in their favor.

What you always want to remember is what your prospects want. They want to workout at your studio and they absolutely want to hit their goals.

So their budget isn’t an objection, it’s a personal obstacle. It’s something they feel is holding them back from achieving what they want to achieve where they want to achieve it: Your gym.

Do you see how that’s a good thing? This is your opportunity to shine as their future coach!

“It’s Not In My Budget” Typically Means They’re Already Overspending In Other Areas

You’ll come across this a lot, I know many accountants who do, most people who look at a price point and say “it’s not in my budget” do so because they’re already spending too much in other areas.

The whole reason they created a budget in the first place is because they’re spending too much. They have every subscription under the sun and they probably just bought three things on Amazon last month that they didn’t need.

Again, this is where you can help coach them to invest their money into something you know and they know will benefit them! You know what their goals are (at least, at this point in the sales process, you should) and how badly they want to achieve them.

Why let a sales objection like “it’s not in my budget” get in the way when you know how easy it is for them to overcome it?

When you know your Fitness Studio is THE place for this person and that you’re going to change their life (P.S. if you don’t, that’s Step #1 😉), when they say this phrase:

“It’s not in my budget.” That’s not a sales objection, that’s an opportunity…

WATCH to find out WHY and HOW to capitalize on it.

What You’ll Learn About Overcoming This Sales Objection

  • How “It’s not in my budget” is an OPPORTUNITY
  • Avoid accepting this objection
  • How to change your sales mindset and perspective

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