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Can Content Actually Grow Your Fitness Studio? | The GSD Show


Can Content Actually Grow Your Fitness Studio? | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

Can content actually help grow your gym or fitness studio? Yes… IF:

In this episode, I’m breaking down how important creating this organic material really is when it comes to growing your fitness business!

The Difference Between Content, Sales, and Marketing

First, we need to make some important distinctions. A lot of people confuse organic material with marketing or think content is more important than sales. Here’s the truth:


Marketing is something you put money into in order to generate leads. You can put money into your content to do that, but if your content doest have a way for them to opt-in, it’s going to be difficult.

If you’re going to put money behind your organic material, make sure there’s some sort of way for potential members or prospects to become leads!

Leads are opportunities for sales. Pure and simple. And yes, you have to pay to acquire opportunities for sales. That’s been true long before digital and social media advertising.



Now, sales is where you convert your marketing opportunities into paid memberships. Ultimately increasing your overall revenue.

No, organic material cannot and will not replace sales. And, as far as which one you should put most of your effort or focus on depends on where your business is.

If you’re just getting started, in presale or recently open (or you’re in a revenue rut), then sales is your number one focus. Period.

Once you’ve established your bit and you’re working on scale, content is king. However, you’ll still need a powerful sales process. Sales never ends. Never.


Ok, so what is content? This is organic materials you put out like blogs, emails, social media posts, YouTube videos, or even show notes pages like this one!

As I mentioned before, you can put money towards attracting people to pages like this and include the ability to opt into your funnel like this:

Book a free demo with loud rumor

However, the real goal of content is to deliver as much valuable, educational information as possible. You want people to learn from you, like you, and see you as an authority.

That’s what content is for: Value.

What You’ll Learn

  • What’s really more important, content or sales?
  • How to know if what you’re creating is working for you
  • What types to focus on
  • Why studios struggle with creating it
  • Who shouldn’t be creating organic material for your studio
  • How to get better at creating it

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