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iLoveKickboxing CEO Dan Castellini

4 Steps Gym Owners Can Take To Eliminate Burnout (with iLoveKickboxing CEO)

iLoveKickboxing CEO Dan Castellini

4 Steps Gym Owners Can Take To Eliminate Burnout (with iLoveKickboxing CEO)

iLoveKickboxing CEO Dan Castellini



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Show Notes

Want a gym you run instead of a gym that runs you? It’s time to switch from “Owner” to CEO, and iLoveKickboxing CEO Dan Castellini is on The GSD Show to show you how in 4 steps…

The key to building and growing a successful gym that you work ON instead of IN is “discipline, repetition, and processes,” Dan says in this candid one-on-one interview… “I think that’s one of the biggest goals,” he says, “is teaching owners to be the CEOs of their businesses.”

In other words, instead of wearing too many hats and to avoid burnout, every gym owners should follow these 4 steps:

#1 Every CEO Learns:

Educate yourself on running, growing, scaling your business through books and podcasts (like this one!). Another key to growth education is mentorship (LINK BELOW).

If you’re the smartest person in the room, it’s time to enter a new room and learn things you (A) don’t know, and (B) can use to grow your business and benefit your employees and members.

Don’t know your numbers? This is critical for every CEO to grow a highly successful business. So, if it’s not your strong suit, learn from people who are great at it.

Not great at Human Resources? Hiring or Firing? Systems and Processes? Customer Service? There are two things a CEO will do to start when weaknesses arise:

  1. Learn how to do it at a higher level
  2. Higher people whose strengths are your weaknesses

The next step a CEO will take is #2 on this list…

#2 You Have To Execute:

Execute what you learn, put it into practice, and make it permanent. The reason every CEO does this is to build habits to a point where the right things are being done automatically.

Part of execution too, is having your team execute so you can put your focus on the big picture. This is where knowing your numbers, planning ahead so your team is driven and motivated to improving those numbers, and putting systems and processes in place so the ship sales as smoothly as possible.

So when you have a proven sales script to increase referrals, you get your team together, you learn it through and through, and you implement it so that it’s automatic. But…

Step #3 is how things go from learned to executed to automatic.

#3 Train To Be Greater:

You’re always practicing… one way or another. If you sit on the couch and binge watch a show, that’s not a one-time thing. No. You’re practicing binge watching TV and that’s obviously not what you want to do if your ultimate goal is to be successful.

On the other side of that, if you learn, execute, and practice being a better leader, practice sales scripts, practice improving your weaknesses, THAT is what you inevitably get good at.

Every CEO becomes great at building systems and processes and training their teams to execute on the things that provide consistent results. Doing this, training yourself and your team is what gets you away from cleaning toilets and running classes, and focused on the bigger picture, hitting maximum membership capacity, and opening the next location.

This is the best way to look at it… imagine, because you and your team have learned, executed, and trained, you’re able to take your family on a week-long vacation knowing that your business is running strong.

That’s the incredible freedom of growing into the role of CEO… you earn it. On top of that, you make sure it continues over and over again. That’s where #4 comes in.

#4 As CEO, Repeat What Works:

As I said at the beginning, you want a business that runs, not a business you run. When you put the right systems and processes in place, and the right people to execute them, you’re a CEO.

You’ve been in the trenches, you know what works and what doesn’t work, you know where the weaknesses are and where the strengths are, and you’ve learned how to improve it, you’ve executed on what you’ve learned, and you and your team are training to make the right things automatic.

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