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Amanda Goolsby: Presale to Profits in Your Fitness Studio | The GSD Show


Amanda Goolsby: Presale to Profits in Your Fitness Studio | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

If you want your gym to go from presale to profit, Amanda Goolsby is your expert!

Amanda’s a former managing partner of 18 Orangetheory Fitness locations that have since sold for a ridiculous amount of money!

Your Presale Process Will Determine The Success Of Your Opening Day

Amanda was responsible for leading presale campaigns, developing processes that had her locations opening doors with 500+ members!

It can be a strange thing for studio owners, staff, and even members to comprehend. How am I supposed to convince people to become members of a fitness studio that doesn’t even exist yet?

As a presale guru, Amanda now coaches fitness studio owners all over the country on how to open their studios with a profit through a proven presale playbook.

She says the key is a dialed in, three month process. Each month should compound on top of the other and your “founder” membership rates should increase the closer you get to opening your doors.

Want The Exact 3-Month Presale Process?

In fact, if you want to learn a step-by-step process from one of the most successful fitness studio owners in the industry, go read Matt Kafora’s Fitness Presale Secrets—it walks you through everything!

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What You’ll Learn

  • The presale process Amanda uses to open with 500+ members
  • How to overcome the most common sales objections
  • The #1 struggle studios have when running these campaigns
  • Successful advertising strategies when your doors aren’t open yet
  • Why good employees are NOT hard to find
  • Where to recruit A-player employees & how to get them onboard
  • And tons more!

What We Mention In This Episode

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