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Hooked Kickboxing owner Nate Murdakhayev

How One Studio Owner Gets 80+ New Members Every Month

Hooked Kickboxing owner Nate Murdakhayev

How One Studio Owner Gets 80+ New Members Every Month

Hooked Kickboxing owner Nate Murdakhayev



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Show Notes

Nate Murdakhayev, the owner of a kickboxing studio in Queens, New York, was just beginning to make a profit on his new kickboxing studio when Covid-19 sent his business into a completely new direction. 

Like many small businesses, Nate was forced to adapt to the changes that came with this unprecedented time. 

Despite the mask mandates, gym closures, and slew of old gym members afraid to return to the studio, Nate and his team are able to get 80+ new members every month by getting creative. 

In this conversation, Nate sits down to spill all of his secrets on not only how he gets 3-5 FREE leads a day on Instagram, but also how he gets them to actually show up!

Nate and Mike discuss both the current strategies he uses to maintain a studio that can generate that many new members a month, as well as exciting new opportunities he can take advantage of. 

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The Impact Of COVID-19 On New York City

After the global pandemic hit New York City particularly harder than most of the country, Nate was left with a kickboxing studio in a worse financial state than it was before purchasing it from its previous owners. Nate knew that he needed to find a way to make money to maintain his expensive monthly rent and pay his employees. 

So during the period in which the studio closed down, he used the extra time as a chance to buckle down on improving his marketing, advertising, and sales strategy with the help of the GSD 360 TEAM program. 

The Key To Nate’s Success: Turning a Free Pass Into Paying Member

Nate notes that one of the biggest contributors to getting 80-90 new members a month comes from his ability to turn a free pass into a paying member. While on the phone scheduling a prospect’s free class, Nate takes the time to ask them important fitness questions to increase their mental investment in the program. He uses the Client Intake Form. Get your copy below!

To further incentivize his leads to follow through with attending the free class, Nate rewards them with brand new gloves for just $10 by showing up. This tactic is one of the leading reasons why his studio boasts 80-90 new member sign-ups each month

Free Instagram Leads

In order to create a profitable business amidst the pandemic, Nate emphasized the importance of building his digital footprint with the help of both paid and organic content. 

By posting high-production quality videos showcasing his clients and employees in action each week, he continues to grow his Instagram’s 19,000 follower count by 5 to 10 followers per day. 

To further motivate these followers to turn into paying members at the studio, Nate advertises a free workout class on the Instagram bio to anyone who DM’s the page ‘hook me up,’. Nate gets 3-5 free leads on Instagram per day!

Getting Creative With New Streams of Revenue

Nate saw the perfect chance to jump into a new stream of revenue during the pandemic through kids kickboxing classes. By offering these classes, Nate facilitates a much-needed recess environment for kids to connect with one another while also making additional revenue by charging the classes at the same price as adults. 

This idea was so successful that Nate even opened up a second kid’s class to welcome more members into the studio! 

Major Takeaways: How to Get 80+ New Members Every Month

Here are a few of the many core takeaways discussed in Mike and Nate’s impactful conversation:

  • Invest time into your business: After seeing the ways the previous owners failed to maintain the kickboxing studio, Nate quickly learned that investing time and effort into building the business before stepping away is the key to long-term success. Implementing solid training for both you and your staff gives you the tools to take your business to the next level.
  • Make pricing a complete no-brainer: When discussing opportunities for gaining even more memberships per month, Mike emphasizes the importance of creating a membership price system that is a no-brainer in consumers’ minds. Instead of offering multiple pricing levels that make complete sense, make all of the benefits of your desired membership tier clear to make the decision simpler.
  • Quality content over quantity: In crafting digital content for his social media pages, Nate believes that quality content is always better than more posts. Taking the time and effort to only take professional B-Roll shots for his Instagram page creates a consistently high perceived value for his fitness studio. 

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