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FunkFit / The Collective Owners Jeremy & Luis

How One Gym Was Up $32K In Just Three Months

FunkFit / The Collective Owners Jeremy & Luis

How One Gym Was Up $32K In Just Three Months

FunkFit / The Collective Owners Jeremy & Luis



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Show Notes

In this superstar episode of the GSD Show, Mike interviews Jeremy and Luis from FunkFit and The Collective in Gilbert, AZ, about their enormous revenue jump. They started with Loud Rumor in December of 2021, and with an updated gym membership sales process, by March of 2022, they had jumped $32K in monthly recurring revenue. What did their journey look like? We had to find out! To watch the whole interview, click here.

gsdshow membership sales process

The Funktional Fitness Unique Value Proposition

Jeremy and Luis started their fitness ownership journey with a personal training studio called FunkFit. They have also added a partnership with Cycle Ave that was exclusively for cycling memberships. The real magic happens when they combine these two offers together to form The Collective. 

Where they previously had a separation of cycle clients and personal training clients, they now could recruit existing members as well as new ones into The Collective to take advantage of all their fitness services.

Today, The Collective is a complete, holistic workout and recovery center that includes hot and cold baths, personal training, workout classes, the cycle bar, meditation classes, and a number of other beneficial services. Members now can take advantage of all services with one membership.

Luis deeply believes this is the concept that sets them apart. “What we’re doing is bringing both together and then forming that collective… We do a really good job with it as far as the experience… It’s truly like a high-end restaurant experience coming in and getting the room, the deco, the people, the community, everything. We’re super excited about it!” 

the collective

The Shift In FunkFit’s Gym Membership Sales Process

Jeremy and Luis had had some success already. But they knew it could be so much better. With the training from the Loud Rumor Platinum program, they were able to see existing systems already established that were working for hundreds of other gyms and even the Loud Rumor team itself.

But they didn’t have the execution of those systems. Working with Loud Rumor they were able to implement proven scripts and easy-to-execute processes that enhance their gym membership sales process to a whole new level.

membership sales process scripts


We didn’t have things documented and written out and consistent… These are the plays, this is how you answer the phone, this is how you do a handoff, this is how you do a hand-back, and just continuing to develop each of those processes and systems. That’s been the main thing.” Jeremy says that practicing what they preach made all the difference.

Jeremy recalls initially, they were right at the edge of industry standards for sales conversions at their gym, but they knew it could be so much better.

With resources from Loud Rumor, they were able to immediately start tracking their key KPIs such as number of leads, number of shows, number of referrals, number of closes, and dollars per sale.

They also learned tips to increase the show rate, such as taking the credit card info right away and role-playing their way through sales objections to get better closing rates with proven scripts.

Jeremy & Luis are Platinum members here at Loud Rumor, to learn more about the program they’re in click here!

Consistently Meeting With The Team 

They also took a cue from the Loud Rumor playbook with their meeting rhythms. He tells the tale of how they began implementing weekly meetings with each group within their team. The key was consistency and open communication without being distracted by other phases of their business.

These meetings provided the channel for training their team on their new systems and processes and gave everyone the opportunity to improve everything from facility tours to the membership sales process to onboarding and the classes themselves.

We just started doing that and then role-playing, practicing different things, and I think that’s one of the things that’s helped us the most is just being able to train them. Right? Instead of us training our clients, we’re training our people.” Luis says.

Enhancing The Employee Onboarding Processes

Jeremy saw the benefits of strategically onboarding new members and how that improved both staff and members. This begged the question as to why they weren’t also doing a similar process to onboard new employees.

Their member onboarding process is a 21-day process. But the process of bringing in new employees and setting expectations was much shorter. When they clearly saw a part of their success was due to their processes, they knew the principal would work elsewhere.

Jeremy revealed how this shift in perspective created better team members. “We have one of our newest team members who just finished our training process and could almost guarantee she’s the most prepped and prepared team member we’ve had… It was, here’s what we’re doing day one, day two, all the way through. The simplification of it and what it does for us not only during this new hire but for all new hires moving forward was like, why weren’t we doing this ten years ago?” 

We have another GSD Show episode on how team development and a better hiring process contributed to one fitness studio reaching $98k in monthly revenue.

The new location for The Collective is expected to open at the end of 2022, complete with all of their new offers in one place. Jeremy and Luis predict their pre-sale opening with their improved membership sales process is at least 500.

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