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Loud Rumor Performance Consultant Corbyn May

5 Start-To-Finish Steps To Sell More Gym Memberships (Confidently Grow Your Business)

Loud Rumor Performance Consultant Corbyn May

5 Start-To-Finish Steps To Sell More Gym Memberships (Confidently Grow Your Business)

Loud Rumor Performance Consultant Corbyn May



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Show Notes

How do you move a prospective member through the process from first contact to walking through your door? And how do you get them to come back? Most importantly, how do you start-to-finish sell more gym memberships and hit your profit and revenue goals?

Loud Rumor Performance Consultant Corbyn May gives us his 5 Components of The Sale in this top rated bootcamp session and we’re sharing the breakdown with you for free! 

5 Components Of The Gym Membership Sale (To Sell More) With Corbyn May

#1 Production and Activity

Production and activity begin in the initial hiring process. Your front desk or sales associates have to be prepared, ready, and willing to help you achieve your desired goals, metrics, and sell more memberships.

25% percent of all sales people make two contacts and quit.

48% of all sales people don’t even follow up!

How many of your competitors are part of that 25% or 48%?

And, how will you be different? 

Get creative with your approach! 

Text messages, video texts, a message from a coach, etc. As a consumer, what’s on your mind when you’re walking into a fitness studio? What can they expect? Talk about cleanliness, social distancing, member results and testimonials. Think like a customer to sell more!

Before a lead comes in, are you ready? Do you have a game plan for after a new lead comes in the studio? For welcoming new members? Do you have a road map for what follow up texts and calls will look like? 

Having all of this ready allows you to create efficiency. Make your contact points “cut + paste” ready so your sales pace stays on track. This will also ensure that you log all contact points inside each lead. Every call, text, all the answers to your questions, etc. 

Our Sales Pace Calculator (Exclusive to GSD 360 TEAM) allows you to log every call, sale, hour and contact point for each sales associate. This can all be generated into a manager’s report that keeps track of your sales percentages. 


  1. Do you have lead production expectations for yourself or for your team?
  2. Do you have scripts prepared inside the dashboard so you can create and maintain overall efficiency? 
  3. Are you notating all contact details?

#2 Sell More with the Smartphone Inquiry

This is how you will qualify your leads or take them to that next level of commitment. You need to be asking the right questions to sell more memberships. Start with the obvious, such as name, location, existing routine, etc. 

Find out the useful information about them in order to decide what you’ll offer. This is going to be logged in their notes so you’re armed and ready for future interactions.  

But stay in control. Control the conversation, control the sale.

Remember, the goal is to get them booked! Inject some urgency here. You want to book their session within the following hours. They’re hot, you’re on their mind—now is the time! We don’t want it to feel like a doctor’s appointment where you book them for next Friday. No, you want to get them in today or tomorrow!

That’s how we sell more memberships and sell more fast! It’s the whole “strike while the iron’s hot” concept.

We’ve seen a consistent increase in show-up rates when the sales associate asks about their “why”. Why are they making time to show up for their appointment? What has compelled them to come in NOW? This will connect them internally with something deeper and make it more personal to them.

#3 Confirmation and Preparation

Preparing a confirmation sequence shows your customer you value their time and you’re prepared for their arrival. If you truly want to sell more, make this a priority. Establish a sensible confirmation sequence that conveys this message.

What details can you add to your confirmations in order to put them at ease?  Pertinent facility details, maybe include a towel, make sure they know about your no-call, no-show fee. No surprises!

Consumers look for personal touches. Just showing up at a fitness studio may have taken a great deal of courage and you only get one first impression. Make it count! They should be greeted with high energy, smiles, welcome signs, or personalized name plates. Create a “wow” experience.

#4 Sell More with the Member Intake Process

The member intake process serves 3 objectives:

  1. Show that we listen and care about each member
  2. Allows you to determine their goals and expectations.
  3. Discover their objections.

You’ll ask them questions that will cover the five most common objections and break them down. To sell more, DON’T sell them something they don’t want. This will allow you to build credibility and give better recommendations. 

Quick Self Evaluation:

  • Are you doing everything possible to overcome the objection before it comes up?
  • Do you asking the right questions? Are you modifying your intake process based on industry trends?
  • Are you building a significant enough relationship during the member intake process in order to get them ready?

exact intake form to increase sales fitness studios

#5 Hand Off and Hand Back

This is essentially the transfer of trust from the sales associate to the coach. They may have shared personal information about their goals, struggles and desires and that needs to be carefully transferred to the person who’s actually going to help them.

Knowing their goals and emotional why doesn’t just help you sell more memberships… no, it’s greater than that! It helps you truly help them and change their life!

The handoff needs to be as seamless as possible, disseminating the necessary information like a pertinent injury. This is going to contribute greatly to your “wow experience”. These personal touches allow them to feel connected and they’ll trust you more easily.

The Hand Back

When their complimentary session is over, do the same in reverse. Your front desk staff should be ready to meaningfully connect with them about their experience. Find out what they liked about the workout, the coach, the facility, etc.  

As fitness professionals, your next obligation is to prescribe exercise. You showed them what they could do in an hour or a minute, now give them the prescription for what they need to do moving forward. Connect this with their goals. “THIS routine is how you can achieve YOUR GOALS.”

Members ask themselves three questions post-workout, I call them the three S’s 

  1. Did they make me feel SIGNIFICANT? Remember their names, get to know them.
  2. Do they make me feel SAFE? Covid safe? Workout safe? Injury awareness? They want to know you have their back.
  3. Did they make me feel SUCCESSFUL? Everything should get a congratulations but it’s not just about the transformation. The environment and the people are equally important.

Always remember that people cancel MEMBERSHIPS—they don’t cancel RELATIONSHIPS! We’re in the human connection business. Make it about THEM.

Work one-on-one with a Loud Rumor Performance Consultant like Corbyn to drastically grow your gym or fitness studio:

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