5 Offline Lead Generation Strategies For Gyms

By Mike Arce | April 30, 2021

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Show Notes

When it comes to lead generation for gyms and fitness studios, it’s no secret that digital platforms like Facebook are extremely powerful. However, that’s only ONE line in the water…

The reason Matt Kafora has been so successful, owning 7 fitness studio locations with all 7 earning 7-figures, is because joining one of his studios is serendipitous for his members.

Lead Generation Requires Multiple Lines In the Water

As Matt and I explain in this episode of The GSD Show, it’s important to go beyond digital advertising and have multiple lines in the water.

First, because you can’t outsell your attrition with just one line in the water.

Second, when someone signs up at your gym, it’s because (in their mind) “it was meant to be.” What this really means is, they’ve seen your branding EVERYWHERE.

Here are 5 Offline Lead Generation Strategies you might’ve abandoned in this new era of advertising, but need to put back into the rotation:

  1. Direct Mail
  2. B2B
  3. Mobile Billboards
  4. Emails
  5. Referral Campaigns

We dive into all 5 of these in detail and give you exact How-To strategies for implementing them.

Why Lead Generation Is So Important

Leads become Members, and Members become Referrals.

That’s it. That’s your game plan in a nutshell.

Depending on your closing percentage, the more leads you get, the more members you’ll sign. The more members you sign, the more opportunities you’ll have to capitalize on The Infinite Return Principle.

You can learn even more about maximizing your Referrals and implementing these offline lead generation strategies HERE!

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