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Sales Role Play: How to Train Your Team to Sell More Gym Memberships in Just 10 Minutes


Sales Role Play: How to Train Your Team to Sell More Gym Memberships in Just 10 Minutes




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Show Notes

“It’s too expensive.” Too many fitness studios hear this objection, and too many fitness studios struggle to overcome it. With this 10 minute sales role play, you’re going to be blown away by this quick-fix training…

Before I get into it, and I know to many of you I sound like a broken record but it’s important:

Do NOT combat this objection with something like, “Well how much do you spend on a cup of coffee every day?” That’s a lost sale.

Alright, ready?

From Novice To Fitness Studio Sales Master In One 10 Minute Sales Role Play

Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but this is pretty awesome and something you need to start doing with your fitness studio sales team in just 10 minutes a day, every single day.

I took my cousin and put him on the spot. This is a guy with no sales experience and no fitness studio experience. He works in the tile industry. I pulled him in, taught him the ultimate sales script to overcome the “It’s too expensive” objection, and in minutes…

BOOM! He got it down and could’ve closed more memberships that day if he wanted to. Now, imagine your team, with experience, doing this exercise, role-playing scripts and objections, for just 10 minutes every single day?

“The better and more comfortable your team gets at scripts, the more they’ll sell.”

That’s about an hour per week, roughly 4 hours per month, and 48 hours per year. Think they’ll be pretty good at overcoming objections and booking more memberships?

Yep, of course they will.

The Fitness Studio “It’s Too Expensive” Objection Sales Script

Prospect: “It’s too expensive.”
You: “Isn’t that why you should do it?”
Prospect: “What do you mean?”
You: “[NAME], let me ask you a question. Did you have a good workout?”

Prospect: “Yes.”

You: “And since we spoke last, [GOAL] is really important to you. Is it still important to you?”

Prospect: “Yes.”

You: “And when you were out there, doing the workout, meeting other members, do you believe that this is the place that will help get you to [GOAL]?”

Prospect: “I think so, yeah.”

You: “[NAME], when’s the last time you bought something that you believed was too expensive, but you did it anyway? A car, a vacation, a TV… “

Prospect: “My car.”

You: “Did you like it?”

Prospect: “Yeah.”

You: “Did you return it?”

Prospect: “No.”

You: “Did it make you go bankrupt? Were you living on the street after buying it? Or did you figure it out?”

Prospect: “No, I figured it out.”

You: “Of course, because you’re the type of person that can figure it out. So, at the end of the day, if this allows you to get to [GOAL], could you figure it out?”

Prospect: “Yeah, I think so.”

You: “So let’s do this. Let’s get you in here, let’s help you [GOAL] – that’s the most important thing – and we can figure the rest out. The reason this is expensive is because it’s good and that’s why you deserve it. Make sense?”

Prospect: “Yeah.”

The better and more comfortable your team gets at scripts, the more they’ll sell.

Podcast Timestamps: Sales Role Play

0:14 How do fitness studios implement sales training to their staff?
0:43 Don’t overcomplicate the sales process in your fitness business
1:08 There’s power in daily sales role play
1:50 Fitness studio sales training only takes 10 minutes per day
3:01 It begins with having scripts for everything from calls and objections
4:06 Mike trains a sales novice how to book more membership conversations
4:44 A puppet… yes, an actual puppet. You have to watch it for yourself.
5:26 Fitness studio sales objection: “It’s too expensive.”
6:53 Your perfect “It’s too expensive.” fitness studio sales script.
8:47 Time to start a sales role play process
10:42 It’s important to smile when sales training your fitness studio staff
12:03 First learn the script, then test your energy and style in delivering it to fitness studio prospects
15:24 Super-fast time-lapes of sales training and the conclusion
16:33 Does he get it? Can he sell more memberships after this fitness studio sales training?
19:00 What to do next

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to train your fitness studio staff to sell more memberships
  • Just how much value 10-minutes of training per day can be
  • Your perfect “It’s too expensive” objection sales script
  • Why scripts are a must for every fitness studio team to implement

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