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The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) To Be Replenished

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BREAKING NEWS: The Senate approves a $500 billion dollar deal expanding the paycheck protection program to aid small businesses and hospitals struggling due to Coronavirus.

Representative GK Butterfield said, “The PPP will now include small banks, credit unions, and non-profits.” The idea here is that it’ll be easier for fitness studios to get their money.

One of the things we noticed with fitness studios is that if they didn’t have great relationships with their bank or a financial person fighting to get them their money, the lost out. 

Others had trouble with the application process as it changed multiple times and then BOOM! The money was gone.

Then, there were other fitness studios…

Don’t Miss Out On The Paycheck Protection Program Again

While some fitness studios weren’t able to get their PPP money due to issues with their bank, others didn’t even apply… or when they did apply, the program had already run out of money.


It’s rare we get a second chance and this is yours. Don’t freeze. Don’t pause. Don’t assume you won’t get this money. Apply. Apply. Apply.

Get with your financial person, get with your bank immediately and get the funds your fitness studio so desperately needs. Remember, you need to move fast and here’s why:

  • Your family needs you to do this
  • Your members need you to do this
  • Your team needs you to do this
  • Your business needs you to do this

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Make no mistake…

Fitness Studios Have It REALLY Good During Coronavirus (Even Without The Paycheck Protection Program)

That might sound insane if you’re struggling right now, but so many other businesses are unable to go virtual. Barber Shops aren’t teaching people how to cut their own hair at home—it’d probably be disastrous! 

  • You DO have this option
  • You CAN continue to GROW your business
  • You CAN continue to generate REVENUE
  • You CAN inspire people stuck at home to stay HEALTHY
  • You CAN succeed

> Imagine Michael Jordan, God’s most gifted Basketball player, deciding after college he wanted to become an accountant (he was a degenerate gambler, by the way).

> Imagine Elon Musk, an incredible innovator, deciding he wanted to mow lawns with gas-powered mowers instead of creating things that make the world a better place

> Imagine Tom Hanks, a truly gifted actor, choosing to play tennis instead of inspiring us with movies like Forrest Gump, Big, and Cast Away.

…that would be a waste of their gifts, right? Don’t waste YOUR gift. You have the gift to keep people fit, happy, and healthy while AT-HOME during quarantine. That’s an amazing gift that should NOT be wasted hoping things “go back to normal.”

2 Action Steps:

  1. Jump on round two of the Paycheck Protection Program NOW
  2. Continue growing your business online because it’s your gift

BONUS: Spending On Online Streaming Goes Up During Coronavirus

That’s right, people are willing to spend MORE MONEY on at-home streaming services which means 2 key things:

  1. They still have money
  2. They’re willing to spend it doing nothing

They should be spending that money on YOUR streaming service. The facts are in and at-home workouts, especially LIVE ones, are crushing it! People LOVE them. This is yet ANOTHER advantage you have over Netflix, Hulu, and whatever else people are spending money on:

You’re INTERACTIVE. They’re not.

So, GSD (Get Sh!t Done) and go get those online members, go get round two of the Paycheck Protection Program, and don’t just survive this pandemic, THRIVE through it.

If You Haven’t Converted To An Online Fitness Studio Yet

It might feel like this whole Coronavirus is coming to an end but all signs point to it being far from over. AND what’s worse, there’s a high likelihood of a second wave coming this Fall. The power of an online fitness studio option is twofold:

#1 You can generate revenue during any health or economic crisis

#2 When it’s all over, you’ll have TWO revenue generators

What’s more powerful than that? You can actually create and run an online option in less than a day… could you have ever imagined, essentially, building a second business in less than a day?


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