This is a guest feature by Chuck A.K.A Mr. BODbx, CEO at BODbx.

Every fitness center — like every athlete — is looking for that special edge that makes them stand out against their competition. BODbx is the perfect way for both you and your clients to achieve your goals. With cutting-edge AI technology and decades of sports research, BODbx leverages the power of information to help your clients hone their workouts — all while improving your studio’s net profits.

What Is BODbx?

BODbx is a performance training robot. This world-class device analyzes clients’ performance, helps them fine-tune their movements and plans their future workouts, so they can meet their goals — no matter their current physical ability or desired results.

I conceived of and designed BODbx, making full use of insight gleaned from time training and competing at Harvard, Berkeley, and as a US Olympic hopeful swimmer. The robot incorporates sound training theory from a hand-selected group of the world’s top coaches, as well as the results of painstaking physiological and kinesiological research. By gathering and analyzing movement data in real-time, BODbx gives clients hand-tailored feedback and helps them train smarter.

How Does It Work?

When you turn on BODbx, its highly sensitive cameras and sensors begin observing and tracking your every movement. BODbx isn’t specialized to one particular sport: it’s capable of performing its in-depth analyses on a wide variety of movements, including (but not limited to) bodyweight exercises, free weights, and Olympic lifts. BODbx is portable and can go anywhere you go.

The robot’s military-grade technology meticulously analyzes your motion using cutting-edge AI, taking your velocity, form, and smoothness into account. This analysis gives BODbx an understanding of your current fitness level and where you can improve. With this data, it gives you feedback after your workout, such as daily quality of movement rankings, rep counts, velocity averages, and more.

BODbx even remembers your performance from session to session, and can provide you with information about your progress over time. The robot will give you a personalized workout for your next session, based on your past performance. The end result is an in-depth personal training experience, powered by data, and uniquely tailored to your clients’ needs and performance.

BODbx doesn’t just help your clients perform their best. It provides tremendous value to every gym or studio owner, and is a must for anyone looking to build their business and stand out from their competition:

BODbx is unique. The presence of a BODbx unit in your gym or studio is already a remarkable sales point. Many clients will be excited to try such a novel training experience. If they explore the potential of BODbx during a trial membership, they may end up hooked. Despite all this, BODbx isn’t a novelty or a toy: it’s a complete training system that can substantially improve clients’ performance and add value to their experience at your gym.

It’s user-friendly. BODbx doesn’t take a tech degree to figure out. The device itself, and its corresponding app, are designed to be easy to use — even for complete novices. Intuitive, clear videos help you set up BODbx the same day you get it, and your clients can begin working with it immediately. The device’s feedback is clear, concise, and friendly, with plenty of encouragement. It’s easy for clients to understand BODbx’ recommendations and incorporate them into subsequent workouts, even if they’re new to physical training.

It’s space-efficient. Unlike the robots of yesteryear, BODbx isn’t big and bulky. It’s small enough to go where your clients go: out into the parking lot, onto the track, or even to the side of the pool.

It’s versatile. While BODbx’ designers created it with elite athletes in mind, the same training principles apply to everyone, regardless of age, gender, ability, or goals. BODbx works as well for rookies as it does for high-level athletes, and it’s perfect for helping clients rehabilitate injuries and prevent future damage.

It’s personal. BODbx doesn’t generate one-size-fits-all solutions. All feedback and workouts are carefully tailored to individual clients’ performance. Working with BODbx is like having a friendly personal trainer who’s laser-focused on your success.

It’s data-driven. Human personal trainers do their best to understand their field, but can always leverage an additional set of eyes in the weight room or training center. Cognitive biases and errors in perception can be kept at a minimum by using BODbx technology: its sophisticated use of real-life data, combined with analyses of decades of sports science research and top coaches’ input, helps to complement the work of your current top trainers.

It’s cost-effective. It’s true that a BODbx unit is an investment. But the returns are invaluable, and it introduces a revolutionary zero-setup profit center to your facility. Clients will be more likely to sign up for a gym with a novel and Olympic caliber training mechanism like BODbx, and they’re more likely to retain their memberships when they understand the value available to them. And unlike human personal trainers, BODbx doesn’t take a paycheck, and can work at any time of the day or night.

It’s time to step up your studio’s game. With a BODbx robot, you offer a unique training experience to every client in your gym, regardless of their ability, experience, or training goals. Your customers will discover how BODbx meticulously gathers and analyzes their movement and they’ll receive feedback and new workouts accordingly. With this novel personal trainer on staff, you’ll potentially experience dramatic growth of your gym’s bottom line — and your clients will see the benefits, too.