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Free Online Tools to Build Stunning Content for Your Fitness Studio

Omar Thompson

Omar Thompson

This is a guest feature by Omar Thompson, marketing executive at Startup Active

Appearance is a huge communication tool. In fact, our brain processes visuals 1000X times faster than textual content. So with that said, when executing your online marketing, visual appeal is a crucial factor to your fitness studio’s success.

Creating visual content can be more difficult than textual content, especially if you aren’t into the whole ‘Photoshop’ vibe. But to save you both time and stress, I’ve collaborated some of the best tools online to help you build visual content online for your fitness studio.

And the best part – they’re all free to use! Let’s dive in:


Canva has grown massively in popularity recently and with good reason! It can be used to edit any type of imagery for any purpose – in fact, there was recently a story in the news on how a sheriff’s department in Colorado had been using it to create their wanted posters (how true this is, I’m not sure … but it sounds freakin’ cool, so let’s roll with it!).

Canva uses simple drag-and-drop functions to help you create images for your social media posts, cover photos, newsletters, business cards, flyers, and everything in between. Not only that, Canva also has thousands of stock images, fonts, and colors to get exactly what you need to illustrate your story.


What type of visual resource article would this be without a tip on where to actually get free imagery from?!

Finding images is without a doubt one of the biggest frustrations for business owners when creating marketing content.

One of the biggest mistakes is just grabbing images from Google. We’ve all done it, yes, but it actually breaks copyright laws and you could find yourself in a whole heap of bother. The right thing to do is use your own imagery or royalty-free imagery, which means you can use it freely on your materials.

But let’s be honest, we don’t all have a spare $200 a month to purchase a Shutterstock subscription. So, how do we get royalty free imagery without having to fork out? Well, let me introduce to you Unsplash.

Unsplash gives you access to thousands of stunning images all generously gifted by awesome photographers from around the world. They’re all high quality, and the best part? They aren’t your standing stock imagery – they have edge!


This tool is slightly different, as it’s not based around your imagery; it’s based around your text content. Why have I added a textual tool into this article, I hear you ask! Well, your copy also plays a big role in making your content more visually appealing.

You could have the most beautiful imagery on your website and in your digital marketing content, but if the text doesn’t read right, it’s a major fail. The Hemingway app helps make your writing clearer and more accessible.

For some people, writing flows naturally through their fingers – for the rest of us, there is Hemingway. The app helps you avoid complicated, hard-to-read sentences, passive voice and adverbs. Hemingway is ideal for people who have to explain complicated ideas to a lay audience.As I mentioned in the earlier stages of this article, your content’s visuality is crucial for making it or breaking it. Sounds quite harsh, doesn’t it? But it’s true! Stick a poorly pixelated image in your content and you will simply get poor returns.

You didn’t come this far in your business to cut corners on your imagery. Take your time, and with the resources given in this article, you will be one step ahead of your competition.