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Top 4 Studio Offers & Promotions for Superb Fitness Marketing

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

People love deals. That’s why sites like Groupon, Livingsocial, etc. attract so many customers. And when it comes to the fitness world, that’s no different. Fitness studios are guaranteed to attract more members when they provide an awesome offer. That being said, here are the top 4 promotions our clients and other studios have used to gain superb fitness marketing results. (If you’re more of a visual person, get all this info in our free demo to see how your studio can bring in these killer leads through our Fit FLAVER program)

1 – Free Class(es)

When someone is introduced to a studio, they’re typically hesitant to invest. They don’t know who the instructors are, what the fitness style is, and whether or not it’s somewhere they’ll thrive. That’s why a free trial is huge for new students.

Some places offer a free 1st class, others offer a free 1st week. After searching “fitness studio” in Google, these results showed up:

The 2 top businesses that ranked (StudioFIT in the Maps listing and EOS for AdWords) both offer something free. StudioFIT gave 1 free week and EOS offered 1 free group class. And since 50.5% of people tend to click on either local or paid listings, this is important. On top of that, considering that 80% of people say coupons like these close the deal for them when they’re undecided, this offer is an undeniable way to get people into your fitness studio.

2 – Month Unlimited Classes for $XX

When consumers see “month” rather than “week” or “1 class,” it creates motivation. Consumers feel like they’re more likely to obtain their fitness goals if they are given a deal that lasts longer – that’s why the 1 unlimited month for $xx is such a hot commodity.

One ad through Groupon for Bikram Yoga Phoenix offered $17 for 1 month unlimited classes, which was a huge success. It got over 1,100 purchases and 93% of consumers said they would recommend the deal. The offer also got 264 shares on Facebook (to date) directly from the Groupon page… which is gold.

This deal got a ton of traction because people love knowing they have access somewhere for an extended period and at an affordable price.


When you combine the “free class/ free week” with an unlimited month for $XX, magic happens. See how and what this combination got a studio as part of their fitness marketing strategy… (31 leads in 24 hours, 89 leads in 6 days!)

3 – Membership Deal

One of the most successful membership deals on Groupon right now is through Gold’s Gym. They offer a promotion of $19.99 for a 1-month membership and 1 personal-training session. People who want to start a membership at a fitness studio are often hesitant because it not only costs more than they’re ready for, but there tend to be other hidden fees as well. That’s why membership deals are click bait.

This offer got over 10,000 purchases on Groupon, and 89% of the buyers said they would recommend the deal to others. And since 80% of consumers prefer offers that are tailored to their needs, this strategy is a great way for studios to encourage their visitors to become loyal members so that they can constantly work toward their fitness goals.

4 – Access to # Classes

Pure Barre nailed this one when they offered $49 for 10 classes on Groupon. This got them over 1,000 sales, over 1.1k Facebook shares, and 98% said they’d recommend the service. Those numbers are killer.

The reason class passes are such great offers is because they give people more freedom. Most studios don’t put a timestamp on them, so students can use the pass over the course of 1 or more months. It’s also a great way to invest in a studio and see what it’s like without jumping on a membership right away; it’s also enough time to actually see results.

What other offers and promotions do you know of that have seen a huge success for their fitness marketing efforts? Let us know below!