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MINDBODY And Loud Rumor Join Forces to Help More People

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with MINDBODY to do some awesome collaboration with another industry leader. What does that mean for you? Great things.

Our goal is to improve the quality of service for both MINDBODY and Loud Rumor’s customers by working together to provide more instant value to our audiences, like this …

If you haven’t seen it yet, we brought on MINDBODY’s CEO, Rick Stollmeyer, for an episode of The GSD Show and it was awesome. He gave great insight for fitness studio and gym owners on building their business with specific, proven marketing strategies. Watch it here: We also had the pleasure of highlighting their VP of Makerketing, Amanda Patterson, in another episode of The GSD Show. Check that one out here. Watching these 2 episodes gives you a little more insight into the incredible team that makes all of MINDBODY possible.

That being said, you may already know that our mission here at Loud Rumor is to help 100,000 people jumpstart a healthy lifestyle through fitness.

Partnering with MINDBODY, one of the top software solutions for fitness studios and other wellness businesses, allows us to systemize that mission and encourage more people to workout and get healthy. And that’s our customer’s goal as well! We’re all working toward the same thing. MINDBODY built a platform for their target audience that helps people (both business owners and consumers) stay organized, be extremely efficient, and gain instant value. We love how simple it is particularly for fitness studios and gyms, another reason we wanted to partner with this awesome business. MINDBODY makes it seamless for their fitness studios’ members to schedule workouts, find a healthy place for whatever wellness solution they want, and more. And that rocks. They make it easy for their customers’ customers to succeed, and that’s what we want to do at Loud Rumor as well – every member that signs with your fitness studio or gym is someone that jumpstarts a healthy lifestyle through fitness, which is a main goal for everyone.

Combining our marketing expertise with MINDBODY’s unique software features allows us to put two teams’ brains together for something great. And this is just the beginning.

So stay tuned – we can’t wait to dive more into this partnership and elevate what we offer to the fitness industry.