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Specifically designed for fitness studios and gyms that need more members.
Our average customer gets 220+ leads each month.
Leads = people in your demographic within 5 – 7 miles of your location who give you their full name, email, AND phone number in exchange for your offer.
Great conversion rates.
Ridiculously awesome support team to help you succeed.


What Is Fit FLAVER?

It’s the fitness marketing program we’ve developed that helps fitness studios and independent gyms fill their locations with awesome paying members. Fit FLAVER stands for:







Fitness Marketing Tips

Keep up with the latest fitness studio marketing ideas, plans & strategies

5 Ways to Increase Fitness Studio Revenue by Texting

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This is a guest feature by Kenneth Burke, Marketing Director at Text Request. Revenue drives business, and we want to help you get more of it. That’s why we’re going to break down five ways to increase your fitness studio’s revenue - all by texting with clients. Why Texting 99% of texts are read, usually within just a few minutes of being sent. The average response time is only 90 seconds, and the average click-through rate if 45%. Each of those rates is at least 7X higher for text than for emails and phone calls. Communication is key to your business…

Limited Time Offer: Free Meal Planning Software For Remainder of 2018

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After working with hundreds of fitness studios and wellness business around the world, we’ve realized that the No. 1 thing preventing people from meeting their fitness goals is the inability to find a nutrition plan that works for them and then stick with it. So we partnered with Evolution Nutrition, our favorite meal planning software company. Together, we’re bringing you the tools you need to help your members meet their fitness goals … and we’re giving it to you for free. The Importance of Nutrition in Fitness As a fitness and wellness professional, you already know that nutrition plays a…

How To Get Your Fitness Studio A 135% Broader Reach On Facebook

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The most effective type of Facebook post is video, which has a 135% broader organic reach than photos. While photos are posted more often, videos are more engaging and likely to reach your target audience.