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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Best Tips to Market Your Fitness Studio

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

Boutique studios like CrossFit, barre, kickboxing, etc. are hugely popular in the fitness industry right now. And as an owner, you want to market your business the right way. That means constantly attracting new leads that turn in to loyal members. Not only do you want to intrigue prospects with an awesome offer and brand, but you want to give them an awesome experience before they even get to your studio. That’s where Fit FLAVER comes in, a program solely dedicated to marketing for your fitness studio that’s been known to bring in over 400 leads in 31 days. Combine that with these 5 best tips and your studio will fill up in no time:

Fitness Studio Marketing Infographic

Key Takeaways for Your Fitness Studio:

  • Only 10 – 16% of your Facebook fans will see your posts unless you boost or promote them. That’s why Facebook ad campaigns are crucial. You’re guaranteed to reach a super niche market.
  • 14% of new gym members drop off by the end of February. Keep them loyal to your boutique studio with great offers, an experience they can’t get elsewhere, engagement, motivation, events, and more.
  • Use video for your social media, marketing campaigns, and website. This gives people a good idea of who you are before they even meet you.
  • The top 2 most popular fitness hashtags on Instagram are #fitness and #healthy – use this to your advantage when sharing images, promotions, videos and more to get found by your audience.