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Our Experience At the IDEA World Fitness Conference

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

We eat, sleep, and breathe fitness here at Loud Rumor. So when we heard about the 2016 IDEA World Convention earlier this month in Los Angeles, we knew we had to attend. We sent over half our team to spend 4 days at the convention. Here’s our experience and what we learned.

IDEA World is put on annually by IDEA, a company that provides fitness professionals with continuing education, tools to build workouts and nutrition plans, teacher training, and more. Dubbed the Super Bowl of fitness,” the event draws 14,000 fitness professionals from all over the world and offers attendees a glimpse at the newest tech, trends, and tips for the fitness industry. Visitors sample workouts, test equipment, sit in on presentations by the industry’s top influencers, and more.

Our team got to sample a ton of new workouts, but we really fell in love with Pound. Imagine you’re the star drummer in a rock band, then throw in low squats, tight core movements, and the dance energy of a Zumba class. Pound is an intense workout that targets your total body.

One area of the exhibit hall at IDEA World was devoted to fitness competitions — who could complete the highest box jump, who could flip a tire the most in 60 seconds, and so on. We loved jumping in on these challenges:

For fitness studio owners, IDEA World provides both a jolt of inspiration and the means to grow your business. If you want to add acro yoga to your list of classes but aren’t sure how, you can practice with an acro yogi at the convention before you make up your mind. They’ll also give you all the info you’d need on how to recruit acro yoga instructors and what’s needed to implement it into your studio.

Or if you’ve heard awesome things about the RealRyder Indoor Cycling bikes — the ones that sway like an actual mountain bike to give you a killer core workout — you can hop on one and take it for a spin (no pun intended).

IDEA World also gives studio and gym owners a chance to connect with each other and share tips and tricks. Between Bolly-style dancing and protein shake samples, we saw fitness professionals everywhere learning from each other on how to make their facilities better.

Next year’s convention will be held July 20th – 23rd in Las Vegas. We can’t wait. And if you want a better glimpse into the experience, check out this video:

To learn how Loud Rumor can help grow your fitness studio, register for a demo. And if you want a better glimpse into the experience, check out this video: