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How to Review a Company on Google Places

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

If you’re a local business, getting well ranked in the map section of Google Results page for when somebody searches for a product or service that you offer can be very lucrative.  For Google Maps, your business can only be ranked in the city that your business is listed in.  You can still rank on the 1st page of organic results for other cities, but it will be in the general listing section.  This is done using SEO (search engine optimization).

If you read the last article that Loud Rumor wrote, “How Important is it to Get Reviews for My Business?“, you now understand the importance of getting reviews on Google Places.  The biggest question is:  What’s the easiest way to get reviews?!


Let’s first start with what NOT to do:

  • Most local businesses feel like the easiest thing to do is to email their customers a link that takes them directly to their Google Places page.  That is easiest for you and the customer, however it can hurt you.  You see, Google can tell where traffic comes from.  Google Places has it’s own set of analytics.  If a visitor leaves a review by getting to your Places page through a link that was emailed to them, it’s safe to assume that it was probably “set up”.  Meaning – you probably wouldn’t have sent a customer a link to review you unless you KNOW it was going to be good, right?


What you SHOULD do:

  • Get a very visible link on your website that you can ask customers to click on.  This will take them to the same spot.  This will be great, and easy!
  • If you can’t get your web guy to do this just yet, you can ask your customers to follow the instructions in the numbered points and/or video below:


1.  Go to Google

2.  Type the company name in the search bar

3.  Click on “Maps” in the black bar that’s at the very top of the page

4.  Click on the company you wish to review (left column)

5.  Once you click on the company name, you’ll notice in the map section a pop-up appears with basic company info.  Click on the “more info” link in that box.

6.  Now you are on the company’s Google Places page.  Click on “Write a review”