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Hosting Clinics at Your Fitness Studio

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

When it comes to business automation and your customer’s journey experience, Brad Martineau, founder of SixthDivision, is one of the best out there. He does something that every fitness professional should do: host clinics. And he’s incredible at it.

In the fitness world, a clinic is an educational event that attracts the community. It provides free content that your audience learns from. This includes clinics on nutrition, weight loss tips, health myths, or anything else that your audience gains value from.

I haven’t met anyone who hosts events that create conversions better than Brad and his team. He has 100-200 people, sometimes more, at his events. They’re all engaged throughout his talk, and at the end, people literally run to the back of the room to buy his program. It’s unbelievable.

From Episode 058 of The GSD Show 

Brad was a recent guest on The GSD Show and talked about this in an exclusive bonus clip. (⭐Keep reading – the bonus clip is at the end.⭐) But we’re such firm believers in fit pros hosting clinics that we also wanted to break it down for you here. These are Brad’s best tips to plan a successful clinic:


The main reason you should host clinics is to grow your studio or gym. When you provide great educational value, you set yourself as an authority in the fitness industry. You want to showcase your expertise and set such great expectations that people can’t help but buy from you. They’re also an opportunity to bring in new people from the community, which is great for lead generation – you know they must live near your studio and you know they’re interested in a healthier lifestyle.

On top of that, clinics allow you to form partnerships with other local businesses. You’ll want to find other companies that service your same demographic so you can come together for even more exposure and collaboration. This includes:

  • Nutritionists
  • Chiropractors
  • Massage therapists
  • Restaurants
  • Any other businesses that have a similar audience to yours

This way, you guys combine both of your audience reach so that your clinic gets promoted to more people – but more importantly, to more of the right people.


The most important part of your clinic is to know what outcome you want to achieve. Remember why you want to host the event in the first place, and plan everything from your curriculum, presentation, and handouts around your end goal.

Your purpose isn’t to teach – it’s to teach so that people buy. According to Brad, “The event is a failure if people don’t buy.” So while people might rave about your clinics, content, and the value you provide … unless they invest with you, something didn’t work.

Let’s look at lead magnets. Most people create them to get leads, but your purpose should really be to get those leads to take the next step. When you look at it that way, it changes everything that you put into your lead magnet, such as your name, content, and how you deliver.

Think of clinics the same way. Everything that you say and do, from how you greet your audience to your curriculum and content, should only be part of your event if they support your outcome.

In the end, you want to focus on conversions, not compliments. People can say great things about your event, but if they don’t buy from you, it doesn’t help your business grow.

So when you start to plan, don’t just look at the first step of the funnel. You need to constantly think ahead to the next step, and determine how it’ll affect your overall outcome – to get people to buy your product or service.

Here are a few examples of other studios’ “why” who host clinics:

  1. To get people signed up for a free assessment (measurements, etc.)
  2. To get people signed up for an upcoming weight loss challenge
  3. To get people signed up for their nutrition service
  4. And more


Stack up your offers and give tons of value so that your customer feels like it would be a mistake not to buy from you. Show them how valuable it is, and then give them an offer that’s too good to pass up.

These are some of the best proven offers that we’ve found work for our customers:

  • 1 free week
  • 5 for $45
  • 3 for $33
  • 20% off lifetime membership
  • 5 sessions for $99

Introduce a core offer, and then add bonuses to it. Clearly outline everything that your audience will get, and stack on bonuses that have an extremely high amount of perceived value. Your offer should be so great that people think it’s illogical not to buy it.

Think about your offer from your audience’s perspective. They’re at your event and hear a lot of new information. But at the end, they need to want your product or service bad enough that they get up, walk to the back of the room, and buy it from you.


Stack offers and set the value so high that the price seems low.

Before you build your presentation, write down:

  1. Your offer
  2. The main reasons people should buy
  3. The reasons people will say no to your offer

Build your entire presentation around what you write down. Every element in your offer should be talked about in your presentation at least once.

As you go through your presentation, proactively address any reasons that people might say no to your offer. People will look for reasons to not buy, so hit all of their pain points and give them reasons on how your offer will benefit them. 

Provide social proof and add credibility with your member’s success stories. Explain how a certain product or service worked for other clients, and show how it can work for them as well.

If you follow these steps, you’ll pull off a great clinic that brings in new strategies for your fitness studio.

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