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Using Gym Surveys to Boost Revenue – The Actionable Guide

Gym owner giving out gym surveys to boost revenue

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6 (Actionable) Ways of Using Gym Surveys to Boost Revenue

Gym surveys are invaluable for gathering your gym member’s feedback, evaluating customer satisfaction, and identifying opportunities to improve the gym experience and boost revenue. Asking the right gym survey questions can provide data-driven actionable insights into what members think of your gym, their pain points, and what changes they want.

Implementing an effective gym satisfaction survey strategy requires more than just putting together a list of gym survey questions, however. This comprehensive guide shares seven actionable ways you can use gym surveys to boost revenue and improve your gym business.

What Is a Gym Survey?

A gym survey, like any other customer satisfaction survey, is a tool for collecting feedback from your gym members. It allows you to gauge their level of satisfaction, understand their needs and wants, and identify areas where you can improve the gym experience.

A good gym survey will cover all aspects of the member experience, from the sign-up process and customer service to the quality of the equipment and classes. Asking detailed questions about each area will give you a clear picture of where your gym is excelling and where there is room for improvement.

You can also leverage gym surveys to assess member engagement, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and track important metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Benefits of Administering Gym Surveys

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure,” as Peter Drucker says. Gym surveys offer gym owners several benefits, including:

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

A whopping 33% of customers will leave a brand they’re unhappy with after one incidence of poor customer service. You must constantly measure and track their satisfaction levels to keep them happy and prevent churning.

Gym surveys provide a direct way to collect feedback from your members so you can identify gaps in the customer experience. Regularly surveying your members allows you to quickly identify issues as they arise and take action to resolve them before they lead to churn.

Improving Member Engagement

Engaged gym members are more likely to stay longer, refer friends, and spend more money at the gym. Gym surveys can help you understand what motivates your members and keeps them returning to the gym. 

Asking questions about their goals, workout routines, and favorite classes provides you with actionable insights into how to improve engagement and keep them coming back for more.

Identifying Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Upselling and cross-selling are excellent ways to boost revenue without acquiring new members. Gym surveys can help you identify opportunities to upsell and cross-sell by asking questions about what members like and don’t like about the gym, what they would like to see more of, and what other products or services they’re interested in.

Measuring customer satisfaction, improving member engagement, and identifying sales opportunities give you a major advantage in improving your gym so you can boost revenue and increase your success.  

6 Actionable Ways to Use Gym Surveys to Boost Revenue

Gym surveys pack a punch, but they’re only valuable and effective if you know how to use them. Here are six actionable ways to use gym surveys to boost revenue:

1. Take Time to Formulate the Right Questions

Quickly jotting down a few questions won’t cut it. To get valuable insights from gym surveys, allocate enough time to formulate the right questions. The questions should reflect what feedback you’re looking to collect and be framed in a way that encourages honest and thoughtful responses.

Excellent questions you can ask in your gym survey questionnaire template include:

  • What made you join our gym?
  • What are your fitness goals?
  • Do you feel like our gym meets your needs?
  • What classes do you enjoy the most?
  • What do you think of our personal training services?
  • What do you like/dislike about the gym?
  • What other products or services would you be interested in?
  • Would you recommend our gym to your friends?

Avoid lead-in questions (questions that suggest a particular answer), as these can skew responses and lead to inaccurate data – for instance, “Most members spend an average of 3 days per week at the gym. How often do you come to the gym?” is a lead-in question that suggests the respondent should be coming to the gym three days per week.

2. Use Multiple Survey Methods

You’ll get the most comprehensive feedback possible when you use multiple survey methods. Leveraging a single method can lead to survey fatigue, impacting response rates.

Paper surveys are still popular, but they can be time-consuming and costly. Online surveys are a more efficient way to collect feedback and can be easily sent out via email or social media. You could also use survey tools like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms to create and distribute surveys.

You can use in-person surveys to collect feedback after a class or during a personal training session. Be careful not to disrupt the workout or class sessions, however, as this could lead to negative feedback.

3. Administer Surveys at Multiple Touchpoints

Get the most accurate feedback possible by administering surveys at multiple touchpoints throughout the customer journey. This could include sending out a survey to new members, administering a survey after someone cancels their membership, or sending a survey to members who haven’t been to the gym in a while.

Surveying customers at different stages of their journey provides a well-rounded view of their experience and identifies pain points. You can then use this feedback to improve the customer experience, leading to higher retention rates and increased revenue.

4. Keep It Short and Sweet

Long surveys can be tedious and often lead to low response rates. Survey respondents spend only about 5 minutes answering a 10-question survey. Keeping your surveys brief will help improve response rates while allowing you to collect valuable feedback.

Consider sending out multiple surveys if you have a lot of questions you want to ask. You could send a satisfaction survey to all members, for instance, and a retention survey to members who have canceled their membership.

5. Use Technology to Automate the Survey Process

You will save time, improve efficiency, and get the most accurate data possible when you use technology to automate the survey process. There are several survey tools available that can help you create, distribute, and analyze surveys.

Survey tools like SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, and Qualtrics make creating and distributing surveys easy. They also provide valuable insights and data you can use to improve your gym.

6. Analyze the Data and Implement Changes

You already have the data at your fingertips, so it’s time to take action. The first step is to analyze the data and identify any patterns or trends.

  • Are your gym members happy with the current offerings?
  • Do they suggest any new services or products?
  • What do they think of your customer service?
  • Do they have any suggestions on how you can improve the gym?

Now it’s time to create a plan to implement the changes suggested by the survey. This could include adding new services or products, improving customer service, or changing your pricing model.

Remember to follow up with your gym members after you’ve made the changes. Show them you value their feedback and are committed to making improvements. This will help build trust and loyalty, leading to higher retention rates.

Including the right gym survey questions, making the most of survey responses, and using survey data to improve your gym are crucial to boosting revenue.

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