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What Does “GSD” Stand For?


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Everything in my life revolves around the motto “GSD.” I live by it both at home and at my office. My podcast is called The GSD Show and my Agency Coaching Program is called AgencyGSD.

I also wear my GSD shirt almost every day as a reminder. So by now you might be wondering what the deal is with GSD… what exactly does it stand for?

Mike Arce GSD Shirt

What GSD Stands For? (And Why You’ll Want to Adopt This Powerful Slogan)

In short, “GSD” stands for Get Shit Done.

Depending on how you use it, it can also stand for Getting Shit Done. But to me, it’s about what it stands for in terms of attitude and what comes along with it.

I live GSD to the fullest.

I don’t take credit for coming up with the term, but it’s something that’s resonated with me ever since I first heard it. It’s exactly the attitude I not only wanted, but that I needed to have to get better every single day.

Use GSD to Breakthrough The Dangerous “GSS”

My goal is to not wake up tomorrow in the same position I’m in today. I want to be healthier, smarter, better, nicer, have more contacts, make more money… But to make that happen, “Get Shit Done” needed to be a full-on attitude and mindset that I work on 24/7.

I think a lot of people can resonate with this. Before “Get Shit Done,” I was a “GSS” kinda guy… that stands for “Get Shit Started.” A lot of people fall into that trap. It feels active, but unless we accomplish things, it won’t move the needle forward.

One of my favorite examples of someone adapting this mindset was from one of our guests on The GSD Show, Lisa Nichols. That mindset is what took her from $12.00 to millions.

That being said, “Get Shit Done” is an attitude that I wake up with each morning…

How To GSD All Day, Every Day

Do this: when you wake up, write your goals down so that you know exactly what you need to do that day.

Before you go to bed, write those same goals down again as a way to make sure that you actually got shit done.

The next morning, write your goals down again.

There’s a really shitty feeling that comes along with writing your goals down and knowing that you didn’t accomplish it yesterday. To me, that’s an incentive to work even harder.

By doing this, I hold myself accountable and continuously learn and grow.

I have 4 children, and I constantly encourage them to be better. Whether it’s school work or something as simple as coloring within the lines, I encourage them to be better.

But when it comes to personal education, a lot of us don’t do this for ourselves. We go to school for 12 years, some of us for 4+ years after that. After we graduate, we stop learning and reading.

Why do we stop? We always need to test, explore, learn, and read. The whole idea of GSD is learning all the time. It never ends.

Who Do You Surround Yourself With?

All of the people in my circle have a GSD attitude. And if they don’t, I remove them from my group or remove myself from theirs.

As adults, we need to know what we want to become in our lives. We have to surround ourselves with people who have the same attitude because they encourage and inspire us. And that’s the mindset everyone on my team has.

gsd team

Some of you have followed my journey as I “Get Shit Done,” my mission to become the most efficient man on the planet. It’s not something that just happens overnight. You have to make a conscious effort to have a GSD attitude.

I encourage you join me and live by the GSD motto! And if you’d like, we have GSD shirts available so you have a daily reminder:

gsd shirt


If you’d like to follow my GSD Man journey, keep track here.

I’d like to officially welcome you to the GSD lifestyle! What actions will you take each day to make sure you GSD?

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