My First Week Using Flip’n Fit

Flip'n fitThe best thing about boutique fitness studios is that they’re niche. The worst thing is having to invest in several different memberships at various locations for yoga, barre, boxing, etc. It adds up quickly. That’s why I signed up with Flip’n Fit – it’s given me access to over 50 boutique studios around the valley for 1 membership fee of $50 (the first month free). So far I’m loving it; I went to 3 different studios in my first week to take hot yoga, spin, and barre. Here’s a breakdown of my experience:

1 – Sumits Yoga Scottsdale

I went to a 10am Sunday hot yoga class at Sumits Yoga Scottsdale instructed by Dayna Henig. She personally introduce herself to every student that came in. Dayna even remembered my name at the end of class – very impressive considering it was a 75 minute session. I also wasn’t the only first timer. Some were there for the studio’s hot deal of 2 unlimited weeks for $20.

We went through several different sun salutations, conditioning with ab exercises and pushups, and more. I loved the different music that Dayna played. There was everything from Selena Gomez’ “Hands to Myself” to songs I’d never heard but really enjoyed. During class, Dayna was constantly observed each student and rotated around the room. People of all fitness levels, ages, and body types attended. She adjusted my form while in a pose that made all the difference. Daya also opened the door a few times throughout the class to help us breathe and circulate the hot air.

On top of that, the studio was beautiful. The showers in the bathroom, seating areas, and yoga room itself all contributed to the experience. Attending the class through Flip’n Fit was also a super simple process. I arrived about 15 minutes early, signed a waiver, showed the confirmation email from when I signed up to the class, and set up my mat in the yoga room with plenty of time to spare.

One thing I learned: bring a towel for your mat to prevent any slipping and sliding that’ll happen (yes, you will sweat a ton and it gets slippery!).

2 – RPM Spin

RPM Spin specializes in drop-saddle cycling, an exercise that focuses on the beat of the music to set the class’ pace. I took RPM’s Saturday morning class and it kicked my butt. The studio provides its members so much more than an awesome workout (and free towel service!) – I was given an entire experience.

Once the class set their bikes to the right height and got positioned, the instructor, Catherine Anaya, closed ceiling-to-floor curtains that blocked any sunlight and made the entire studio dark. That’s when the neon lights and music were turned on. That’s also when I understood why you need to sign up and reserve your spot for this class – they fill up quickly because of this awesome blacklight feature! And they know how to market it well.

Riders were dressed in bright colors that were illuminated in the studio. It’s the first time I was in a 60 minute cycle session that flew by; I didn’t look at the clock once. Catherine paced the class to the rhythm of songs by Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber, and everything inbetween. We did sprints, climbs, jogs, and breaks. It was a killer leg and cardio session and Catherine made sure to constantly check in with the class.

One thing I learned: either invest in bike shoes or rent a pair out at the studio. This way your feet actually grip on to the pedals so you can cycle harder and more controlled

3 – Go Figure Barre

I attended Go Figure Scottsdale’s Thursday evening class instructed by Michelle Anderson. I got there about 15 minutes early to complete the safety waiver and let them know I signed up through Flip’n Fit. Michelle personally ran me through the class’ structure and set me up with a locker to get ready.

The class had about fifteen students and the studio was beautiful. The flooring, lights, and entire building were all very professional and welcoming. Michelle took us through an arm exercise warm up, abs, and stretching before we made our way to the barre.

There we focused on glutes, balance, plies, extensions, and intense hamstring stretches. Michelle walked around the room to adjust people’s form throughout the entire session. There were a couple of students who also needed certain modifications, and she adjusted them quickly and comfortably. We used weights, a ball, and a block throughout the class.

What I loved most, though, was Michelle’s clarity with each pose while she instructed us. She helped me adjust my form so that I could feel new muscles being used in the right way, and I knew I was practicing safely. This is what made me so sore the next day!

One thing I learned: if you want more stability on the studio’s floor, they offer barre socks that have extra cushion and grip on the bottom. These are especially great when focusing on plies.

This first week with Flip’n Fit got me even more excited to go to their other studios to practice different workout styles. Which studios/ marketing strategies for your company are you interested in learning more about? Let me know below!