Here at Loud Rumor we’re passionate about growing businesses and changing lives for the better, so when we see a local fitness studio that’s killing it, we have to give them a shoutout.

One of those fitness studios is SICFIT Scottsdale, a full functional fitness gym — or box — with a unique approach to fitness. If you haven’t heard of SICFIT yet, you’re missing out — this is one of the most exciting and unique fitness centers in Arizona. Everybody knows each other and is so positive and motivated. It’s hard to leave and not want to immediately plan your next trip back.  That’s how focused and zoned in you are.

SICFIT is the brainchild of Luke and Najla Kayyem, who opened the box in 2008. It’s done so well that they’ve expanded 5 times in the past 5 years — in addition to their original North Scottsdale location, they also have boxes in Old Town Scottsdale, San Diego, El Paso, and Round Rock, TX.

SICFIT Luke Najla

When I got a chance to learn more about Najla and her system, I realized she was one of the most organized business owners around. She has everything down to a science — all the way from putting pictures of her new students up on the wall when they sign up to measuring everyone’s personal records to give others something to shoot for, to posting before-and-afters of the students, coaches, and of herself and Luke.

Najla has not only built a business for her customers, but one that can maintain its success.

That being said, there was just one thing that Najla really really needed help with: getting in front of enough of the right people. She chose Loud Rumor to implement the Fit FLAVER program, which we’ve seen a lot of success with for other fitness studios. This is a program that was purposely designed to put fitness studios in front of a lot of people who actually have shown interest in getting their fitness in check.

SICFIT’s campaign had a lot of personality that helped people get a feel for the studio right from the get-go. All of the images were of the SICFIT studio and trainers, and there was even a cool video of 2 of their coaches. Just listen to the kind of care and attention they give each new member:

Within 2 weeks of hiring us, Najla ended up getting about 65 new people calling in or filling out the forms on the website looking to download the pass to come in and give it a shot for two weeks.

By the way, 2 free weeks is an incredible offer, and speaks volumes about their confidence in their program and how people will feel about it after such a short time.

So it seemed like that part of the marketing was solved, because we were getting on average 20 – 40 new opportunities every week filling out the forms and wanting to download the free 2 week pass.

But then we discovered a glitch in the system.

Because SICFIT is so focused on training and their customers, they didn’t really focus enough on sales. We began to notice that out of the 65 or so people who had downloaded the pass, only 5 or 6 of them had come in to use it. That’s pretty rare, as the Fit FLAVER program attracts people who are serious about wanting to get in shape and start changing their life.

So I reached out to Najla and I asked her why so few people were getting booked out of all those people who downloaded the pass.

It turns out the coaches for fitness needed some coaching in how to follow up with people.

It was no fault of their own — they’ve never dealt with this before, and we were honored to help them improve this process.

So Najla decided to spend the weekend calling these people herself. She had her coaches watch and learn.


If you don’t know Najla, she’s a beast. She’s one of the hardest working people we’ve ever met, and aside from family, SICFIT and its success are the most important things in her life. She takes a huge amount of pride not only in keeping her employees and her clients happy, but in getting even more people to come in and experience this wonderful place she’s built.

So on the weekend that she took over the phones, she was able to get 13 of the 15 people who downloaded the offer  — that’s 86% — actually scheduled to come in and do a class with her.

What Najla realized is that motivation is a very, very difficult thing for most people to maintain. Some people may see a glimpse or two of it in a week, and some only a short glimpse or two of it in a year.

Because of this, timing is very very important. For these people who choose to give their information to get a pass for 2 weeks, right then is when they’re the most motivated to come in and start working on this goal that they’ve probably had for quite a while. If they’re not already part of a workout regimen, commitment and motivation are probably things that they struggle with.

Najla took this knowledge with her as she started calling people, and made sure to call each person as quickly as possible.

“If I can get them on the phone within 5 minutes I tend to have a better conversion,” she told us.

She also made it a point to reach out to people in every possible way. She would not only call them within 5 minutes of them downloading their pass, but she would call them twice … and then twice again the next day. But not everybody likes to communicate via phone, and many people don’t even check their voicemails anymore. So she also sent a text message (which had a really great response!). She also sent an email, as that’s one of the things that people would give in order to download the pass.

By using multiple methods of contact, she was able to find the right things that worked for different people. She also found that some methods generally work better than others — texting seemed to be the most productive of all the avenues she used.

She spent 3 days in this temporary role hammering out a system that was proven to work, and training her coaches on the importance of really reaching out to these people while they’re motivated. Since then, all of her coaches have had similar success and have been able to book many more people in to schedule their free class.

sicfit najla teacher student

But that’s not the best part.

The best part is now that these people have come in, they’ve found what everyone else at SICFIT has already known for years: This is the type of program that not only gets results, but is fun and easy to stick to. SICFIT makes sure of that by offering customized programs and nutrition plans, all bundled up with a culture of other other members who work really hard to motivate each other, set goals, and actually build new friendships.

If you’ve ever had trouble staying motivated, this is the place that will change your mindset on workouts being “hard.” Don’t get me wrong; you’ll definitely work up a sweat. But you’ll also be getting the results you signed up for, and you’ll have fun doing it because everyone there is in it with you.

SICFIT group

Fitness studios throughout the country are packed with people who really care about people, their fitness goals, and finding a program that makes it easy to stay motivated and be successful. Unfortunately, many of these fitness studio owners struggle with the same challenge that Najla did: getting the word out, and getting people to find the studio in the midst of all the other options that are out there.

That’s something that’s more common than we would like.

We’ve developed the Fit FLAVER program to help great studios like Najla’s, where once they can get people in the door and experience how great it is to work out there, then their business can flourish.  

If you’re looking for a place to work out, definitely check out SICFIT. They’re phenomenal.

And if you’re a fitness studio owner who feels that they deliver the same passion, results and experience that SICFIT does but you just need a little help on the marketing side to drive a few hundred more people through your door each month, then give us a call. We’d love to show you what we do and how we’re helping more fitness studios change lives.

Mike Arce

Mike Arce is the CEO and founder of Loud Rumor, a lead generation company for fitness studios and independent gyms that supports their customers with sales training and techniques to grow and scale.

Mike has spoken for companies like Infusionsoft, the Better Business Bureau, ASBA, and Local First – all on the topic of Local Business Internet Marketing. He has a passion for local businesses and helping them grow. You can get fresh, updated tips from Mike here.