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The Top Fitness Studio Marketing Trends

fitness studio marketing

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By nature, digital marketing is anything but a stagnant practice. With the nuances of fitness studio marketing, it’s a constant state of evolution. 

Whether it’s taking advantage of new channels or trends, gyms require a focused approach to their strategy in order to capture the attention of their dream studio members. 

At Loud Rumor, we help over 2,000 gyms all over the world get new customers, retain the ones they have, and scale their business. These are the strategies we use to make that happen!

Digital Marketing Automation 

When something is automated, it doesn’t require much thought. The marketing strategy isn’t relying on a human to make sure it gets done, done right, and done on time. It’s a triggered action that happens after a routine event is completed. 

Automation saves gyms time and money by taking “text and email all the new leads” off any one person’s plate. Owners and managers can now focus on more than just following up on fitness studio marketing.

Automate Email Marketing

Account managers on Loud Rumor’s team recommend that three welcome emails are automated. Welcome emails are the first direct touchpoint a business has with a prospect and are 50% more likely to be opened than later email newsletters.[1] They should count! 

Here’s how we break it down at Loud Rumor:

  • Welcome email day one
  • Follow-up the day after
  • Send a third one week later

These emails are a great way for gym owners to get in front of a new prospect and offer any bonus deals. A “bring a friend for free” is a great way to get not one but two prospects in the door. 

Automate Text/SMS Marketing

SimpleTexting reports that 62% of consumers have opted to receive texts from at least one company, and 43% are subscribed to more than three![2] This is another way for gym owners to stay in the mind of a prospect and offer a bonus deal, while also opening a channel for direct communication. 

Automating texts is done in much the same way as emails. An automated trigger can be set up in the CRM platform, and Loud Rumor experts recommend a text is fired off on the first day a prospect submits their information. 

Enhance Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the depth of familiarity a prospect has about a business. What the studio offers, what they’re known for, and the strength of its reputation all play a part in a gym’s brand awareness.  

Prospects need to feel a sense of familiarity and trust in their studio of choice. Brand awareness broadens the scope beyond just the workout and builds a sense of reliability. It keeps people talking!

Enhancing brand awareness is more than just selling. It’s sharing in the community aspect of a gym or studio by featuring content, awards, and events. It’s giving a peek into the engagement and environment that can be expected on the inside. 

Want to learn more about creating a brand identity that sells? Click the video below!

Improve User Experience

When running a lead generation campaign as part of your fitness studio marketing strategy, it’s important to ensure the prospect has a positive user experience. Was the process easy? Was it smooth and seamless?

The lead should never have to be put in a situation where they have to make any sort of additional decision. This means keeping the prospect on the same page, or on the social media platform, without navigating away. 

Forms for collecting lead information should also be extremely concise, with no more than three to four boxes to fill out. Loud Rumor recommends only the following options:

  • Name, first and last
  • Phone number
  • Email address

A confusing or complicated user experience can scare the lead away from or cause frustration with the process. Both of which reflect badly on the brand. 

Define and Target Customer Avatars

This element is critical for any gym or fitness studio. A customer avatar is a designed persona representing a gym’s top members. These are the people to replicate and target with fitness studio marketing strategies.

What key characteristics define those members? Consider the following:

  • Age range
  • Stage of life
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle choices

If the target demographic is unknown or uncertain, gym owners can ask those top members! Who are they? What do they do? What motivates them? What are their hobbies? Why do they keep coming? 

You can download a FREE cheatsheet to help you identify your ideal member avatar by clicking the image below!

Video Content Is EVERYTHING

It should be no surprise to anyone who has been in the Loud Rumor world for any length of time that we highly favor video content. We believe, and have proven with over 2,000 gyms coached worldwide, that it’s the most effective strategy for fitness studio marketing. 

And the numbers back this up! Hubspot’s research revealed that of over 3,000 consumers surveyed from all over the world, every demographic preferred video content except the 55 or older category.[3]  

Video content is more engaging, and viewers on social media or anywhere online are more likely to pay attention to video than other forms of content. Showcasing what goes on in a gym or studio can’t be described in an email the same way it can be shown in a video.

Before and after images and interviews provide a powerful visual experience that inspires viewers to learn more and take action. 

One way to start using videos is on TikTok! This rapid-growing app is reaching millions of viewers everyday and it’s a trend you should definitely jump on! Click here to learn how to get started with TikTok today!

Start Implementing These Top Trends for Fitness Studio Marketing In 2022!

To learn more about how Loud Rumor can help with developing a fitness studio marketing strategy, gym owners can schedule a free strategy session here!






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