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How We Got A Local Fitness Studio 31 Leads in 24 Hours

Local Fitness Studio

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31 leads in 24 hours… can you imagine?

Lead generation is what every local business thrives on. And when we say leads, we don’t mean likes, clicks, or shares…

We mean actual form submissions, phone calls, texts, etc. from potential members choosing YOUR fitness studio’s offer!

And as you already know, when leads are a little slow… so is your business. But when it’s reversed and a company gets 31 leads in 24 hours—more than 7X what they’re used to—you know something good is happening.

How Your Local Fitness Studio Can Increase Leads In 24 Hours

With Loud Rumor’s Three Ways To Own Your Market strategy, one of the local fitness studios we work with was able to generate 31 leads in 24 hours—89 unique leads in 6 days!

But since this process is our secret sauce, we’ll reveal as much as we can without giving away all the ingredients…

Here’s a breakdown of how our members get so many leads at lower-than-average CPLs (Costs Per Lead) than the industry average:

  • Targeted, Optimized Social Media Ads
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Landing Page Builds for Maximum Optin Rates
  • Retargeting Ads to Stay In Front of Prospective Members
  • Loud Rumor Virtual Fitness Business Training

Now let’s dive in!

Leads in 24 Hours? It all begins with the right Offer…

When it comes to choosing the right offer for your fitness studio, you want something you can afford, but that’s so compelling to a potential member they can’t help but at least check it out.

In this case, our fitness studio offered new kickboxing students 1 free week of classes or an unlimited month for $34. Pretty awesome!

We ran these offers through a marketing campaign for both of their locations—Tempe and Scottsdale. The got 31 leads in 24 hours, and…

In the 6 days total, they got 55 leads to their Tempe location and 34 leads to their Scottsdale location. So a total of 89 unique leads (mentioned earlier). Let’s break down this process.

1 – Social Media Ad Campaign

So this fitness studio had 2 awesome offers that we wanted to get seen by more of the right people—also known as their “target audience.”

Their Loud Rumor Account Manager built a couple of beautiful campaigns for their kickboxing studio, highlighting each offer separately for both their Tempe and Scottsdale location.

One reason this campaign did so well was because the targeting was super niche:

  • Location – specific mile radius around each studio
  • Age of our client’s target audience
  • Gender specific
  • Interests such as physical fitness, nutrition, etc.
  • And more!

2 – Video Marketing Strategy

At the Loud Rumor office, we have a wall that’s painted our brand color (bright green) that also conveniently doubles as a green screen for video content.

So, we use this for their fitness to shoot their video for the offer campaign. The video was designed to provide users with an in-depth greeting and description of the offer from the co-owner of the kickboxing studio.

Our Creative Director wrote the script, we provided all of the lights, cameras, etc., and our videographer filmed and edited the material.

This video was then used on the landing page that the customer was taken to once they clicked on the Facebook ad itself.

The reason for this is, it provides credibility. It shows the prospect that they’re giving away their information to something real…

It humanizes something kinda scary: Opting in to do a workout at a brand new place because you want results and you’re hoping this place that showed up in your social media feed can help!

3 – Conversion-Focused Landing Page

As mentioned, the video was placed on the landing page. We built a simple form for prospective members to fill out to redeem the offer.

Then, once our local fitness studio’s visitor did that, we took them to a “Thank You” page that had yet another Bonus Offer: 1 Additional Week FREE.

Why This Helped Increase Leads In 24 Hours

Adding a bonus, or a reward for opting in does several things for your prospects. But most importantly, it enhances their feelings that they made the right decision to optin.

When people optin for something free and when they purchase something big, they want confirmation that it was the right decision! Bonuses do that.

Nothing helps someone feel like their luck is about to change quite like TWO free items.

Once the initial free week or $34 unlimited month offer was filled out by the customer, they were entered into the fitness studio’s CRM where a tag was applied to them based on the offer they opted in to.

This triggered a communication campaign, which leads me to…

4 – Post Opt-In Communication

What are most people who opt into free workouts looking for from a fitness studio?

A coach.

They want someone to guide them towards results. Even if they’re already pretty seasoned in the fitness game, they expect you to guide them.

Your prospects expect simple-to-follow communication…


The leads received a confirmation email right away that included the coupon, a reminder about the additional bonus offer (free week), and a link to a video on how to sign up for classes at the fitness studio.

The subject of the email read as “Your $34 Unlimited Month Coupon is Here!” Or, “Your FREE Week Coupon is Here!” It had to be cohesive to the offer they opted in for.

Another strategy that works for your email subject line is: “Confirmed: [Offer].”

Once the prospective member opened it, they saw our client’s logo followed by this:

(1) customer’s personal name
(2) the initial coupon offer
(3) an awesome how-to video
(4) the bonus offer and
(5) an additional CTA to text in!


But of course, communication doesn’t stop with one email. Prospects received an additional email from the drip campaign we created to make sure they actually turned into customers.


We also sent out an automatic text. This provided the prospect everything they needed to take advantage of the offer. On top of that, it told the prospect that the fitness studio would be calling them to get them set up for their first day.


When someone fills out your form during your hours of operation, make it part of your process to call them within 5 minutes.

You read that right.

A study through MIT found that your chance of getting that prospect on the phone after 5 minutes drops 900%.

…but you probably didn’t need a study to know how difficult it can be to get leads on the phone. At least now, you know why!

5 – Retargeting Ads (Critical To Increasing Leads)

So once someone clicked on this Fitness Studio’s Facebook ad and either opted into the offer, engaged with the post (liked or commented), or decided in their minds “not right now”… we wanted to be sure that things didn’t just end there.

We wanted to keep this fitness studio’s brand and offers in front of those people until they’re ready to commit.

That’s why we used retargeting, so that our ads followed these leads on Facebook and 2 other outlets.

This is how fitness studios increase leads within 24 hours.

Loud Rumor’s dedicated Account Managers do all 5 of these things for you. All YOU have to do is call and get prospects booked for an appointment!

Last note here. If you’re getting leads but prospects are either cancelling their appointments or not showing up, here’s the absolute best way to handle it!

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