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How This Boutique Fitness Studio Got 400+ Leads in One Month

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427 leads in 31 days—that’s the kind of marketing campaign that’s a game changer for business. And that’s exactly what we did for this boutique fitness studio through our 3 Ways to Own Your Market strategy…

What “Leads” Should Mean To Your Fitness Studio

First and foremost, let’s break down what we mean by “leads.”

“Leads” for fitness studios my company works with include form submissions, phone calls, and texts that are all unique (as in over 400 people individually made contact with this studio and opted into their offer).

Now, let’s talk about the process and how we managed to kill it for our client!

Within the first 24 hours of launching this fitness studio’s marketing campaign, they got 31 leads.

This was pretty good for the first day, so both the Loud Rumor team and this fitness studio were pretty happy. Here’s a breakdown of how we got those 31 leads on day 1.

But what’s even more exciting is that the success didn’t stop there!

Each day continuously brought in an insane amount of prospects. And before we knew it, our client had over 400 opportunities knocking on their door.

With our dialed-in Marketing campaigns (Social Media Ads, Landing Page builds, etc.) and our Sales and overall Business Training in GSD 360, every studio has exactly what they need to grow at scale.

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6-Step Fitness Studio Lead Generation Process

We love working with studio owners because we know how to kill it for them. My team and I understand your business inside and out… and yes, every fitness studio is unique!

On top of that, we know your target audience like no other Agency on the planet. In fact, most of my employees ARE your target audience.

So really, there’s a word missing from the title of this section and it’s “Qualified.” This is our 6-step fitness studio QUALIFIED lead generation process:

    1. Advertising
    2. Landing pages
    3. Automation
    4. Videos
    5. E-mails
    6. Retargeting

All 6 of these strategies were used to generate the 427 leads in 1 month for our client.


The advertising campaign highlighted the fitness studio’s offer at the time. Our client wanted to showcase 2 offers:

1 FREE week of classes -OR-  an unlimited month for $34.

Both are great deals.

So, with super niche audience targeting, an awesome image, and great copy, the ads completely connected with their perfect prospects.

Landing Page

From there, the prospect clicked on the Ad and was taken to the fitness studio’s landing page. This is where they filled out their name, email, and phone number to redeem the offer.

On the landing page was a video of our client explaining the promotion and how excited they were to invite the prospect to their boutique fitness studio. This allowed people to get to know our client before they even called or visited.


Once someone opted in, they were then taken to a “Thank You” page and placed into our CRM (HubSpot), which triggered the automation process.


To confirm that the form submission was received, each consumer got an instant email with the promotion coupon for either the 1 free week or the unlimited month for $34 (whichever one they opted into). We were also sent emails of these leads so we could track the campaign’s success.

Side Note: My team puts a heavy emphasis on collecting data for all fitness studio campaigns. They do this so they know instantly if the campaign is working, or if they need to optimize it for better results. In other words, their goal is to get your studio the highest number of qualified leads at the lowest price.


The final part of the campaign was retargeting. We wanted to make sure that whomever clicked our client’s Ads saw that offer again in their newsfeed later on.

So if someone clicked the ad and decided they weren’t ready to sign up for the offer on the Landing Page just yet, no problem. We can show that offer to them again with a different creative or video. Or, we can switch up the copy and headline to get them to take action. But…

The beauty of having two incredible offers is, if someone doesn’t commit to the 1 FREE week, we can put the Unlimited Month for $34 offer in front of them to test how they respond to that instead.

That’s the power of retargeting. It’s like in spy movies when they put a tracking device on something and watch where it goes on a handheld device. That’s basically what we’re doing here, and we’re able to see which of your offers, creatives, copy, landing pages gets them to sign up!

Prospects who see retargeted advertising are 70% more likely to convert!

So before we dig into the numbers of our client’s campaign, I want to welcome you to book a free demo to see exactly what Loud Rumor does, and whether or not it’s a good fit for your fitness studio:

Book a free demo with loud rumor

The Numbers

One month, one fitness studio, one killer campaign… and it all resulted in this:

  1. 427 leads in 31 days
  2. $0.25 Cost Per Click (CPC)
  3. 4,608 total clicks to their Facebook ads
  4. $2.94 cost per lead

Not only did Loud Rumor help this fitness studio get more leads than they’ve ever received in any other month, but we helped more prospects find exactly what they wanted: Access to a great deal at a local boutique fitness studio. Win-win.

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