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4 Tools to Improve Your Fitness Studio’s Content Marketing

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

Whether you want to post on social media, write a blog, or send an email to your audience, there are a ton of tools to choose from that’ll encourage your fitness studio’s content efforts. Here are 4 of our favorite tools in particular – and they’re free.

1 – SaveFrom.Net

Have you ever wanted to share a YouTube video on your fitness studio’s Facebook page? When you do this, the post doesn’t look nearly as cool as native video. Native video is a video that automatically plays in someone’s newsfeed. And since video posts have a 135% broader reach than posts with just photo or text (like the YouTube link) … this is huge. Native video gets way more engagement from viewers and looks better than a YouTube link.

Here’s an example of what a YouTube link looks like on Facebook VS native video:What’s great about uploading your video to Facebook rather than posting a YouTube link is that you can also add subtitles to the video. You don’t have this option when you post a YouTube link. And captions increase video view time by 12%.

So what makes SaveFrom.Net one of our favorite tools? It allows you to download that YouTube video as an mp4 file so you can actually post it as native video! This way, you don’t have to post the YouTube link – you can upload the video once you’ve used SaveFrom.Net to download it. Here’s an example of how it works (and how simple it is):

2 – Online Video Cutter

This tool does one key thing – it allows you to cut your videos. So if you have a 30 minute episode or recording and you want to highlight a 1 minute section to share on Instagram, or a 15 second promotional blurb to blast out to your audience, Online Video Cutter allows you to cut out that section.

It’s quick and allows you to pull a certain section of a video really easily that you can then download and use for your marketing efforts. Here’s an example of one we cut and used for social media (watch full episode here):

This tool requires zero video editing experience. It also has a few other bonuses like video rotation. So if you filmed something on your phone that was portrait but you want it landscape, you can rotate that video with this tool.

Online Video Cutter is a great opportunity to give super valuable snippets of content to your followers like:

  • What to eat before or after a workout
  • The best upper body workouts for women
  • How to fit in the most efficient workout in 30 min
  • And so on

If you can build a folder of a bunch of 1 minute video clips (that you can cut with this tool), you’re going to make yourself more of an authority in the industry. People will start to want and trust your content more. And 74% of buyers choose the company that was first to add value to their life – keep that in mind.

3 – Loom – Video Recorder

Loom is a really fun and creative screen recorder that allows you to show your video camera at the same time. It also has a Chrome extension – that’s what we use – so it’s even easier to record. Here’s an example of how it works:

This is a great tool for fitness studios to use for several reasons:

  • Online training or coaching – Get more face time with your clients when you need to show them processes, etc.
  • Show your customers how to book and schedule classes online with your studio
  • If you have an online membership area, show your members how to navigate and get around
  • If you want your leads or customers to take a certain action online, this allows you to show them exactly how while you keep it personable with the video cam feature

4 – LICEcap

How many of us here love GIFs? How many of us here love visual how-to’s? LICEcap allows you to combine the two.

So if you want to show your leads and paying members exactly how to book classes with your studio online, you can use LICEcap to do a quick screen recording that’ll actually get turned into a GIF so you can use it as an image.

This can then be used in your emails, blogs, etc.

So, for example, if we wanted to show you exactly how to subscribe to The GSD Show … we can do that with a cool GIF through LICEcap:You’ll notice that we use LICEcap all the time in our blogs (we used 2 in this one!). Especially for people who are visual learners, this tool is an awesome plus.

Let us know which of these tools you like the best and end up implementing!