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6 Effective Tools & Resources to Generate Leads for Busy Fitness Studio Owners


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Business owners are busy and have a lot going on, so tools and resources that save time and make processes more efficient make things a lot easier. These 7 tools for business owners help you be more productive, generate more leads, and grow your fitness studio.

#1 Resource: MINDBODY

This is a business management software for businesses in the fitness and wellness industry. You’re able to manage clients, sales, schedules, and more through the app. Mindbody integrates with FitGrid which can bring your business to completely new level. The functions that MINDBODY has are awesome for business owners, but the app is also useful for your fitness members.

Your members are able to schedule classes and make payments through the app, simplifying their user experience along the way. MINDBODY is used by 59,000 business owners around the world, and it’s easy to see why.

tools GSD Show episode 027 with MINDBODY CEO Rick Stollmeyer

#2 Tools: ZIPWHIP

Text messages have a 98% open rate, compared to only 20-30% for email. Zipwhip is a text messaging platform that allows you to use your business’ existing phone number to text your customers. People are more likely to respond to your text over email or phone calls.

Communicating through text messages feels more personal and allows you to create stronger relationships with potential and current members. On top of that, Zipwhip integrates with other tools and platforms like MINDBODY.

generate leads texting tools

#3 Tools: HubSpot

In order to efficiently email both potential and current members, a great custom relationship management (CRM) software that automates this process is huge. We use HubSpot for this.

You can schedule email broadcasts in advance and customize emails to include people’s names and other features. You’re also able to segment your audience so that you can send email broadcasts to specific groups of people such as prospects or current members.

A CRM saves a TON of time because everything is automated and scheduled in advance, so you don’t have to personally type out an email every time you get a new lead … although it will feel personalized to the reader.

#4 Tools: ClickFunnels

When you run ads with offers for your fitness studio, take them to a landing page where they fill out their information in exchange for the offer. This is more effective than taking them to your homepage because a landing page only encourages one CTA. ClickFunnels is a platform that allows you to easily build awesome sales funnels to capture potential new members’ information.

The platform is user-friendly with drag-and-drop features, and it’s simple to create landing pages that look professional. It’s also possible to integrate ClickFunnels with your CRM, so once someone opts in to your offer, the emails they receive are automated. Here’s a glimpse into what building a landing page looks like:

#5 Tools: Referrizer

People use online reviews to determine whether or not they want to purchase a product or service. In fact, 90% of people read online reviews before they visit a business. Before someone joins your studio, chances are they’ve looked it up online to see what other people say about it. This is why it’s so important to manage your reviews.

Referrizer helps you manage and incentivize your members to leave reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. This helps you turn your members into a powerful, trusted sales force!

#6 Resource: GSD 360

Lastly, GSD 360 is the ultimate library of fitness studio-focused business training. It’s like Netflix for growing your fitness business.

GSD 360 is led by Performance Director, Matt Kafora—who also owns and operates 7 fitness studio locations (each earning 7-figures or more). You get access to everything from Marketing, Sales, and Referral training to Leadership, Maximizing your financials, Hiring training, and so much more.

There’s nothing else like GSD 360 specifically for gyms and fitness studios out there. GSD 360 “TEAM” members get access to their very own Performance Consultant. Performance Consultants are industry experts who’ve built 7-figure fitness studios and will work with you directly to grow your fitness business.

There you have it! 6 Effective Tools & Resources to Generate Leads for Busy Fitness Studio Owners. Click on any one of the above to get started!

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