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4 Steps to Increase Fitness Studio Leads With Dynamic Landing Pages

4 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Fitness Landing Pages

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Landing pages are a huge part of generating leads to your fitness studio. In fact, it’s like a second Ad. It sells prospects on giving your their contact information to book an appointment in exchange for your offer.

Why not send them to the home page of your website? Again, since landing pages are like a 2nd Ad, you want to keep the prospect focused on the objective: Taking advantage of your offer.

If you already use a landing page in your fitness marketing campaigns, you’re on the right track. But, these 4 steps increase landing page conversions even more. Let’s dive in!

Landing Pages Step #1: Video

Every fitness landing page we make includes video.

Videos have been shown to increase conversions on landing pages by up to 80%, and they’re a great opportunity to show off your fitness studio, capture what the workouts look like, and talk up the offer.

B-roll of your trainers, top students, and most exciting classes is great to include here, especially if you add a voice-over to talk about your offer.

We use Wistia for all of the videos on our landing pages. Wistia has a ton of cool features like autoplay.

So, when someone clicks on a Facebook Ad for our fitness studio’s offer and goes to the landing page, the video plays immediately. It creates FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

In fact, 4 out of 5 viewers will click away if a video stalls while loading, but autoplay videos capture their attention immediately so that their focus stays on your fitness studio.

Landing Pages #2: Pop-Up Box with CRM Integration

Landing pages capture people who are interested in your fitness offer. It’s a place for them to “convert” or “opt in” by giving their name, email, and phone number.

So, every landing page should have a form that people must fill out to redeem your fitness studio’s offer.

But there are strategic places and ways to include this form!

A study conducted by LeadPages found that a 2-step opt-in process (where people need to click a button for the form to pop up) generates 30% more form submissions than when the form is placed directly on the page.

So when someone opts in on your landing page, it should look like this:

4 Ways to Automate Your Fitness Business

When you customize your opt-in form, integrate it with your CRM or email marketing software.

This way, when someone fills out that contact form on your landing page, their information gets placed into a pre-set email drip campaign.

We integrate our landing pages with HubSpot so that whenever someone opts into our fitness studio’s offer, they automatically get sent a confirmation email.

This way our fitness studios get to stay in communication with and nurture their leads without lifting a finger.

Landing Pages #3: Urgency

Simulated urgency is another valuable landing page tool. The fewer there are of something, or the sooner the offer expires, the more people want it (that’s why auction sites like eBay are so successful).

Create the same kind of urgency on your landing page with these strategies…

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer is a great way to up the urgency on your offer.

This is a customizable, built-in feature that ClickFunnels offers. Set any amount of time remaining (less is better).

You can even set the countdown to restart each time someone visits your page. So, if Sarah and Christina visited the page a day apart, each would see the same amount of time remaining as the other did.

Here’s an example of a countdown timer on a landing page:

4 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Fitness Landing Pages


Scarcity is also a good way to increase opt-ins.

The image in the previous section is a good example of this. Right above the opt-in button, there’s a small line of text that reads, “[11] Trials Remaining.”

Creating urgency is as simple as choosing your words carefully.

The page in the photo above does this simply by saying, “Call us NOW.” Phrases like, “Don’t wait,” “don’t miss this opportunity,” “hurry,” or “expiring soon,” all work as well.

Landing Pages #4: Retargeting

Let’s imagine that someone saw your ad on Facebook, clicked it, and was taken to your landing page… but for some reason, didn’t opt in. This is where Facebook retargeting comes in.

If you’ve ever seen a company’s Ads “follow” you all over Facebook, that’s retargeting in action. It’s super easy to install, and it’s as close to magic as marketing gets.

Here’s how it works:

  • Facebook provides all advertisers with a snippet of code that you can install on landing pages and websites.
  • When someone visits a page where the code is installed, their web browser is tagged as having visited that site.
  • Now, whenever that person visits Facebook or Instagram, they’ll see your ads until they either opt in or a set number of days runs out.

So even if a lead doesn’t opt in once they initially see your landing page, retargeting lets you stay top of mind for up to 6 months.

These are just a few of the ways to increase your fitness studio’s conversions with landing pages.

fitness studio gym 6-step landing page cheat sheet loud rumor

Final Note On Landing Pages

There are 2 critical aspects of a successful landing page that exist outside of the actual landing page itself…

#1 – Your Facebook Ads and your Offer need to be compelling enough to get people to click to the landing page in the first place.

#2 – After someone completes the form on your landing page, do everything in your power to contact them within 5 minutes. Otherwise, your chance of getting them on the phone goes down by 900%.

Let me know if there was an “Ah Ha!” moment in this landing pages article for you!

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