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1 to 12 Fitness Franchise Locations: Interview with FIT4MOM Founder Lisa Druxman

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Imagine growing your fitness studio into a fitness franchise from 1 to 12 locations in just the first year! Well, that’s exactly what Lisa Druxman did with her business, FIT4MOM.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa (founder) to see how she transformed her company into an incredible fitness franchise that has now taken storm.

Discover the challenges she overcame (you’ve probably faced similar challenges with your business), and how your fitness studio can use those challenges to grow.

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The Beginning Of A Fitness Franchise…

Q: What motivated you to start FIT4MOM and how did you bring the idea to life?

A: It was one of those “a ha” moments. I was a new mom who wanted to meet other new moms. But of course, I knew nothing about motherhood. Like all new moms, I needed help with nursing, sleeping, pretty much everything. What I did know was how to help moms get their body back. So, I started Stroller Strides as a way for us to have fun with our babies, get fit, and meet other new moms. I had no idea that it would one day be a nationwide company!

Q: What was it like on the opening day?

A: Well it wasn’t really an opening day. I invited some moms in my neighborhood and had 4 moms show up. I thought it was just great! However, my “real” opening day just a month or so later blew me away. We had over 40 moms show up, and 2 news crews. It was amazing!

Challenges Gym Owners Face When Building Towards A Fitness Franchise

Q: What unexpected challenges did your fitness franchise face and how did you overcome them as an owner?

A: Well we didn’t start as a franchise. I started Stroller Strides in San Diego in 2001. In the first year, we grew to 12 locations. We started franchising in year 3. The hardest part has always been (and will always be) balancing work with motherhood. I have learned a lot about how to master this and share my tips and tricks with our franchisees. We are about work + life, not work vs life. I share all of the mistakes I made. And I now share my secrets to success.

Q: What are your most popular promotions and offers at FIT4MOM?

A: We are all about word of mom. Our most popular promotions are referrals. We always offer a first free class so we are really just inviting moms to come join our village.

Q: Approximately how many members do you have and how many FIT4MOM locations?

A: We have approximately 100,000 active members nationwide in over 2,000 class locations.

What A Successful Fitness Franchise Really Feels Like

Q: What’s one of your biggest accomplishments since opening FIT4MOM?

A: The biggest accomplishment has been in creating careers that are supportive of motherhood. We have trail blazed in the franchise industry by creating a low cost, turn key business that moms can do at any stage of motherhood.

I am proud that these women get to be home with their kids, be great role models and have such a positive impact in their community.

Q: How has your personal life changed since becoming a fitness franchise owner?

A: The business has grown up as my own kids have grown up. I started much like our franchisees do with working just a few hours per day. I now work more hours but my kids are older and don’t need me to be home all day long. The business is very much part of the fabric of our life.

Q: What advice/ tips do you have for other fitness studio owners out there?

A: 1) You will always win in business if you help customers improve their lives. 2) Create repeatable systems so that the business does not always have to be run by you. 3) Have a passion for what you do and you will never work a day in your life. 4) When you want to throw in the towel (and you will want to), get through whatever is troubling you and then decide. I bet you won’t want to!

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