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What is a Gym Membership Sales Script?

A gym membership sales script is a set of scripts used by gym staff to help guide their sales conversations with potential members.
It typically includes the common questions, concerns and objections that customers may have and provides guidance on how to address them in order to maximize the likelihood of converting customers into members.

Ultimately, its purpose is to provide staff with an effective tool for making successful sales calls.

Why is a Sales Script Important for a Fitness Studio?

A sales script is important for a fitness studio because it serves as a guide to help staff speak confidently and professionally when selling memberships.
It also provides consistency in customer service, ensuring that all potential clients are given the same information and having the same experience.

Furthermore, having a gym membership sales script helps staff stay on track during calls, avoiding potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable conversations. Lastly, a sales script can also be beneficial for tracking results and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Are Your Leads Showing Up for Appointments?

Are leads not showing up for appointments at your fitness studio? They say they’ll be there… they say they’re excited… then… nothing? It actually might be your sales script.

Ashley works at Team Surus Strength & Conditioning and was pretty frustrated, “What drives me crazy is people will set up the appointment, and they’ll be really excited…” she says.

Ashley’s been a member with Team Surus for 2 years, but an employee for just 2 months. You wouldn’t know it though. Her attitude and drive to grow the studio is awesome.

That’s why it would bother her when prospects would show up for their appointments… 

“So we send the 24-hour follow-up text, one hour follow-up text, some of them even respond… then nothing. They don’t show. They ghost us.”

The benefit of being a Loud Rumor Member is that Ashley was able to get advice from our CEO Mike Arce. Here’s how it went… 

Start With The Right Sales Perspective

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When people don’t show up, don’t buy, or don’t answer our calls we start to feel like no one is showing up or no one is buying or no one is answering our calls

Is that true though?

“When we talk like that,” Mike Arce says, “we start to believe it before every phone call. So we want to be as factual as we can be.” 

So Mike asked Ashley if she had 5 people book an appointment, how many would show up?

“I’d say maybe two don’t show,” Ashley responded.

“That’s good!” Mike tells her, “That’s a 60% show rate. Not Bad.”

This was a good first step for Ashley. She realized it’s not the show rate she wants, but it’s not zero either.

“We’re still going to work on how to get that number higher,” Mike tells Ashley, “but it’s important to know the facts, right? Imagine changing your entire system that’s actually mathematically good!” 

Ashley has such an awesome attitude. It clicked right away and she was fired up to learn how to get her show rate up!

“OK, so how do we fix that percentage?” Mike asks her… 

Get More Fitness Studio Shows With This Sales Script

When your fitness studio is calling leads to get them booked for appointments, your sales script is your best friend.

It helps you focus the conversation on the prospect, their wants and their goals. Ultimately, that’s why we do what we do, right? To help others.

Your members are Superheroes. Your studio is where they discover their Superpowers. And you? You’re the guide that helps them get there!

Like Yoda helping Luke Skywalker in Star Wars or Haymitch helping Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Your goal isn’t to sell prospects on your studio… 

Your goal is to sell prospects on what they can accomplish at your studio.

This is the play-by-play of Mike’s role-play with Ashley. You’ll see how he helps Ashley become the guide so her prospects can be Superheroes.

“I’ll be the prospect…” Mike tells her.


Play-By-Play of Your Fitness Studio’s Show Rate Sales Script

See if you can catch what happens here before Mike points it out to Ashley… 

Mike: Hello.

Ashley: Hey, Mike, this is Ashley calling from Team Surus Strength & Conditioning. Just wanted to get you set up with your free week. 

Mike: Oh, hold on. This isn’t Mike, hang on one sec. I’ll go get him…  

Mike stops the role-play, “Real quick, it’s important to make sure you’re talking to the right person, right? OK, let’s go again,” he says.

Mike: Hello?

Ashley: Hey, is this Mike? 

Mike: Yeah. 

Ashley: Hey, this is Ashley calling from Team Surus Strength & Conditioning. How you doing? 

Mike: Good. How are you?

Ashley: Good. I just wanted to set you up with your free week.

Mike: Free week? So who is this again? 

Ashley: Ashley, from Team Surus Strength & Conditioning, I’m calling to set up your free week of workouts with us. 

Mike: Oh, OK, OK.


Connect Your Fitness Studio Prospects To The Offer They Opted In For

This was one of the things Mike talked about with Brandon Christ at SOLDIERFIT Sterling and it helped Brandon sign 11 members in just 7 days.

Unless you’re calling the prospect seconds after they filled out the form, they might not make the connection between your studio name and why you’re calling.

They will remember filling out a form for a FREE WEEK of workouts though. So, be sure to connect them with that.

“So instead of saying Hey, this is so-and-so with such-and-such fitness studio calling to set you up with your free week,” Mike explains, “Take a more human approach…”

Mike: Hey Ashley, it’s Mike. How you doing today? 

Ashley: Good. 

Mike: Awesome. Hey, I don’t wanna take too much of your time. I saw you filled out our form for a free week of workouts here at our studio. I’m calling to get you all set up. You excited?

Sales Script Tip: If you ask a question like “How you doing?” or “You excited?” it’s important to listen to their answer—just like you would if you were calling a friend.


Every Fitness Studio Sales Script Should Keep Class Options Simple

Ashely’s a champion and gets the new opening of her script down fast!

What’s really cool about this process, and Mike does this with the sales team here at Loud Rumor too, is if you run through it daily, it becomes 2nd nature when actually making these calls.

When it’s 2nd nature, you’ll book more appointments, get more shows, and increase sales.

The next part of this sales script is getting the prospect scheduled for their first appointment… 

Ashley: …I’m giving you a call to get that set up for you. Are you excited?

Mike: Yeah. I love it.

Ashley: OK, great. Let me give you our workout times available on our schedule. So Monday through Thursday, we have 3 classes —

Mike interrupts Ashley, “I wouldn’t make the prospect think that much, instead” he says, “go with Can you make it in today?

“OK, cool,” Ashley responds.

One of the #1 objections that fitness studios get is I’ll have to think about it… that’s where most end up losing prospects.

Sales Script Tip: If the class you want to get them into starts at 5:00 PM, ask the prospect to come in at 4:30 PM so you can do your presentation, tour, and set them up for success with their first class.

Mike walks through this part of the script with Ashley, and here’s how it goes:

Mike: Awesome, Ashley. Can you make it in at 4:30 today?

Ashley: Yeah, I can do that.

Mike: That’s fantastic. I’ll be here and I’ll introduce you to your trainer as well. His name is Chris. He’s going to be the one breaking everything down for you. Also, just to make sure, did you already eat something today? 

Ashley: Yeah, I did. 

Mike: Perfect. I’ve got good news for you. Eat whatever you want between now and then because we’re going to burn it the heck off. Sound good? 

Ashley: Ha ha. Sounds good. 

Ashley’s biggest issue was prospects not showing up for their first class… this next part really helps with that and should be part of every fitness studio’s sales script…


Identify The Fitness Studio Prospect’s Goal In Your Sales Script

If you want to get more leads to show up for their first class, get them in as soon as possible like Mike did above and do this:

Mike: Awesome, Ashley. We’re going to have a lot of fun. And also, just out of curiosity, what’s the main goal you’ve got here? What are you looking to get out of your free week?

Ashley: I’m looking to meet some good people, burn some calories. Have great workouts.

Mike: Of course, of course, and you’re going to do all that here. And then what about overall, as far as your goal, your fitness goals? What’s the number one fitness goal you wish you could accomplish?

Ashley: Working on my endurance. Building it up.

Mike: OK, cool, so building up your endurance. Are you a runner or an athlete of some sort?

Ashley: I’m not a runner ha ha but I would love to be a better runner!

Mike: Ah alright. Sounds good. So that’s going to be a goal I’m going to put down here. So when you come in today, I’m going to let Chris know. We’re going to make sure that you get a really great week built around building up your endurance. Sound pretty cool?

Ashley: Yeah, that sounds great.

Mike: Alright, I love it. Ashley is there anything else you want us to make sure we know about before you come in?

Ashley: No, I don’t think so. I think we’re all set.

Mike: You got it, sounds good. I’m going to lock up this spot for you. Actually… 

Next is the final key to getting more leads to show up for their first class and it’s the reason why most people do just about anything.


Turn One Fitness Studio Lead Into 2… Or 3… With Your Sales Script

Finally, end your script by capitalizing on the reason most people do just about anything: Someone they know is doing it too.

That’s how Mike finishes up this sales script with Ashley… 

Mike: …it looks like we actually have one spot left in that class, Ashley. Do you have a boyfriend, husband, partner, friend, coworker? Anybody that you’d like to bring with you?

Sales Script Tip: It’s a good idea to run through this list because it helps the prospect think of people they’d want to bring in. When it’s open-ended without this list, they’ll most likely default to No. Remember, they’re the Superhero and you’re the guide… making them think instead of helping them act slows down their journey (and it frustrates them). Imagine Batman being asked if he wants to fight crime instead of having the bat signal lighting up the night’s sky, calling him into action.

Ashley: Umm… yeah, I have a friend.

Mike: OK cool, who’s that?

Ashley: My friend Susie.

Mike: OK. So Susie and Ashley are locked in. Can you do me a favor and just confirm with Susie that she’s 100% in? You can just text me back at this number if she can’t make it. That way I can open the spot up for somebody else. Is that OK? 

Ashley: Yeah, that sounds good. I don’t think Susie will let me down though.

Mike: Perfect. And Ashley, is there anything—just because we’re locking this spot up for you—is there anything short of a natural disaster like a  hurricane that would prevent you from coming in today?

Ashley: Ha ha No. I don’t think so.

Mike: I love it. OK, cool, so I’ll see you at 4:30 on the dot. Sound good?

Ashley: Yeah, absolutely.

Mike: Love it. And I’m planning on seeing Susie at 4:30 on the dot as well, unless I hear back from you. Good?

Ashley: Yep!

Now, even with this sales script if people aren’t showing, here’s a bonus you can tack on to the end of it… 


BONUS: Up The Stakes In Your Sales Script To Increase Fitness Studio Show Rates

With the script above, you got someone to commit to coming in… one way to ensure they keep that commitment is a no show fee.

Mike: Alright. One last thing I need from you, Ashley. Because it’s reservation based, it’s just like anything else, I just need a credit card from you to hold the reservation. We’re not going to charge it whatsoever. It’s 100% complimentary. It’s just to keep the reservation, so any credit card will do. I’m ready when you are.

Ashley gives Mike her credit card number, expiration date, and code on the back of the card… 

Mike: Perfect. Ashley, your reservation is 100% booked. Just so you know, nothing will be charged on your card when you come in here. The only reason we would ever charge you is for a $10 no show or cancelation fee. But if you call me in the next 50 minutes to cancel or reschedule, that’s totally OK and you won’t be charged. So call Susie, see if she can make it, and other than that, I’ve got you all booked for your complimentary week. We’re gonna have a fantastic workout and we’re going to build that endurance! Are you excited, Ashley?

Ashley: Yeah, I’m ready!

Mike: Great! Excited to see you tonight at 4:30, Ashley. Take care!

Ashley: See you then!

After their role-play, Mike asked Ashley what she thought of this new sales script to get her prospects to show more.

“That was like a night and day difference,” she says, “it was amazing!”

In just a short amount of time, Ashley says, “It’s been going great! People are coming when they’re scheduled and if they can’t make it, they are reaching out and letting us know ahead of time!”

Start using this script today and let us know in the comments how it works for your fitness studio.

If you want a sales script that you can print out, hit the image below to get our FREE “Fitness Studio Sales Script” Cheat Sheet:

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