Why I’m Demanding That Every Fitness Studio Using Mindbody “GET FITGRID NOW!”

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When fitness studios were still in-studio, person-to-person, social-distancing-be-damned powerhouses, your biggest advantage was your community, right? Well…

Your community is STILL your biggest, most-essential competitive advantage despite having to create a virtual, at-home fitness solution. And now, with FitGrid, all I can say is holy sh*t.

Virtual fitness studios often use streaming video technology to deliver their classes, providing a personalized and interactive experience for users. Many virtual fitness studios also offer additional features such as personalized workout plans and the ability to track progress and results. Overall, virtual fitness studios provide a convenient and accessible option for individuals looking to stay fit and healthy. By offering virtual classes and workouts, gym owners can give their members the flexibility to exercise when it’s convenient for them. This can help keep members engaged and motivated, and can prevent them from canceling their memberships due to a lack of time.

FitGrid Just Created A Virtual Paradise For Fitness Studios

FitGrid found a way to virtually connect fitness studio owners, trainers, staff, and members into an integrated platform… when Coronavirus hit, they connected MINDBODY with Zoom in a way no one thought was possible.

“Do I have to get off my payment platforms? Do my members have to pay for classes in a different way? FitGrid takes care of all of that.” Nt tells me. 

FitGrid automatically creates individualized Zoom rooms for your classes and provides a password-protected, unique class link to each member. Why?

“This allows studios to track who’s in class, when, and helps them avoid mass sharing or, non-members getting free workouts from you,” Nt says.

Plus, Nt shares his screen so you can see exactly how to get up and running with this incredible FitGrid platform. You actually have to see this. I can’t tell you how blown away I was with it, you just have to watch.

If you’re running multiple classes with multiple members per day, the automation of this platform is going to save you a whole lot more time and effort.

FitGrid’s Platform for Your Virtual Fitness Studio Gives Owners A High-Level Overview Of EVERYTHING

With FitGrid’s LIVE workout feature, you can see instant member reaction as well as easily, and on what feels like personally, connect your trainers to your members… keeping your community together. Or, in other words, making your most-valuable, competitive advantage even stronger.

Nt also shows you exactly what your members will experience and how easy it is for you, the virtual fitness studio owner, to create a seamless environment at-home, virtual members will love.

One Of My Favorite Features

Studio owners can also see member feedback about their instructors, quality of the workout, interaction, how much money their trainer is earning their virtual fitness studio, and more. It’s incredible. You’ll quickly see who your top-performing trainers are. Which means, any emails you send out about classes or instruction should be from that trainer—members will be more likely to click on it. Speaking of which…

You can send and track email and text conversations in this platform as well. It allows you to see, manage, and have your hand in just about every aspect of your virtual fitness studio.

At some point, after watching Nt breakdown all of the features in the FitGrid platform, I can’t help it and I demand, “If you have MINDBODY, you need FitGrid.” I don’t even have a virtual fitness studio (yet) but I want this! That’s how awesome it is.

While yes, FitGrid is an incredible live stream solution, it’s far more than that. This platform allows virtual fitness studio owners to have a high-level overview of their community, which again, is their essential competitive advantage now more than ever.


Mike Arce
Mike Arce
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