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Fit FLAVER: Our Customers’ Thoughts & Fitness Marketing Results

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

We’re thankful to work with some really awesome fitness studios here at Loud Rumor. Sure, our Fit FLAVER program gets a ton of leads for a lot of different clubs and boutique studios, but the best results come from owners who take the fitness marketing framework we provide them and run with it.

Here are a few of the studio owners in our Fit FLAVER program who were so excited about their fitness marketing results, they just had to share.

1. North Phoenix Fit Body Boot Camp

North Phoenix Fit Body Boot Camp owner Valerie Volanti is champ when it comes to her success in our program. She’s a great motivator to her students and is so eager to learn more ways to make her business better — Valerie watches every single one of our customer education videos, and it shows in her results.

The testimonial above was shot near the end of her first week with us, and by the end of the 7th day, she’d gotten 56 leads total – that’s 56 people who filled out her contact form with their name, email, and phone number to redeem her intro offer. Now, 6 weeks and 2 campaigns later, she has a 2,100% Return on Investment (ROI).

Watch the full testimonial here.

2. CrossFit Garland

Robert Selders is the owner of CrossFit Garland and has a rare claim to fame: The first day we ran his campaign ran, it brought in so many leads that it had to be temporarily paused.

Robert’s campaign broke the Loud Rumor record. His Fit FLAVER campaign generated 35 leads in just 8 hours (that’s a new lead every 13 and a half minutes). That afternoon he paused the campaign so that his team could give each lead the time and attention needed to introduce the new student to their brand.

At the end of the campaign, CrossFit Garland had a total of 221 new leads in 2 weeks … another record breaker!

Watch the full testimonial here.

3. SICFIT Scottsdale

Najla Kayyem is a hustler. That’s how SICFIT Scottsdale, her functional fitness studio, got such amazing fitness marketing results from their campaign (and maybe Loud Rumor helped a little).

When someone filled out a form to redeem SICFIT’s coupon, Najla made a point to call them right away — usually within 5 minutes. She called multiple times a day over the next few days. Najla also sent emails and text messages to follow up with leads. She pounced on the follow-up process and it worked.

Of the leads that came in over 1 weekend, Najla booked 86% to come in for their first workout. That’s the book rate we encourage all Fit FLAVER studios to aim for.

Watch the full testimonial here.

4. The Dailey Method Desert Ridge

Tarra and Aly Sachedina, co-owners of The Dailey Method Desert Ridge, are the definition of a power couple. Tarra is the face of the business and one of the instructors, while Aly works more on the numbers and growing the business. Together, they’ve built a base of extremely devoted customers.

Their campaign brought in 16 leads overnight and 94 leads in 2 weeks. But that’s only people who filled out a form to claim the coupon. They also had a ton of existing customers comment on their Facebook ad and tag friends. So Tarra and Aly were able to reach out to those people on their own and keep their CPL low at $3.25: just one more reason to develop a super loyal membership.

Watch the full testimonial here.

Want fitness marketing results like these four awesome studios? Let’s schedule a strategy session to go over your team’s marketing goals.