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Facebook Pixel: One of Your Best Local Business Marketing Tools

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertiser platforms for local businesses. In a recent case study, Facebook advertising generated over 400 new leads of one of our clients in 31 days. That means that more than 400 people saw our client’s ad and were intrigued enough to click through to their landing page and convert. That’s a game changer. But not everyone who visits a landing page converts right away. Enter the Facebook pixel, without a doubt one of your best marketing tools.  

1 — The Facebook Pixel Is Simple

Last year Facebook announced that it would ditch its 2 separate Conversion Tracking and Custom Audience pixels in lieu of one that would serve both functions. So now you can use one code that automatically does both for you.

Each Facebook for Business account is assigned its own pixel, which can be accessed  through Power Editor.

facebook pixel

The Facebook pixel is now made up of two parts: the base code, which was carried over from the previous Custom Audience pixel, and the Standard Event code, which tracks your page’s conversions. do. Every page of your website should include your pixel for retargeting purposes, but the Standard Event will change depending on each page’s purpose.

To install the facebook pixel, you’ll need to access your page’s HTML. There are a few different paths to get there, depending on how your site is hosted. Paste the code between your page’s head tags and below any other code you may have in your header.

Facebook pixel code

2 — Jog Client Memory

Sometimes leads click a Facebook ad but get distracted before they convert on the landing page. This might be because they aren’t ready to invest, they want to scope out other offers, or they simply want to learn more about the business first. Regardless, you don’t want a lead to go cold just because they decided not to opt in on the page right then and there. So when local businesses use the Facebook pixel to retarget a prospect that’s visited the campaign’s landing page, the prospect will see that same offer or product from the original Facebook ad the next time they log on. Now that’s the power of retargeting. You can choose to retarget prospects for up to 180 days, which gives them 6 months to click through your Facebook ad and convert.

3 — Create Brand Recognition

That 6-month retargeting window allows local businesses to track their leads all over Facebook and build brand recognition.

If you’re a fitness studio that’s installed the Facebook pixel, someone who comes to your landing page or website may not necessarily be ready to invest in your kickboxing, yoga, or pilates classes at that precise moment. But seeing your retargeting ad in their newsfeed and sidebar ingrains your company into their subconscious — so the next time they really want to find a place to workout, your studio is top of mind.

4 — Track Conversions

Every local business wants more leads But what’s even more important than generating those potential clients is tracking how many actually convert.

Again, that’s where the Facebook pixel comes in. By editing the Standard Event snippet within your page’s Facebook pixel, you can identify how many customers performed the desired action. This is a simple line of code included in the Facebook pixel that allows you to customize tracking based on visitors’ actions. We use the “Lead” event nearly every time, but you can choose from 8 more options, from “Key page view” to “Add payment info” to best suit your page’s goal.

Facebook Pixel Standard Event

As those leads come in, Facebook displays them all in Power Editor. From there you can identify which ads perform the best so you can optimize  accordingly. So if you’re a pilates studio and you run two Facebook promotions (1 free week and an unlimited month for $50), you can track which ad offer attracts the most potential customers.

What other ways have you used the Facebook pixel to leverage your business? Let us know in the comments below.