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The Best Facebook Offers to Grow Your Fitness Studio

The Best Facebook Offers For Your Fitness Studio

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Tons of fitness studios and independent utilize Facebook for their marketing. This is an awesome place to get in front of more of the right people, but you want to make sure you do it in the most efficient and successful way. That means showing the right Facebook offer to your ideal fitness members… but how do you know what offer works best for your particular service?

We’ve worked with 1,500+ fitness studios across the world, and this is the ultimate list to help your fitness studio choose the best Facebook offer based on what we’ve seen.

Facebook Offer #1: Free Week (Or 2 Weeks, or 7 Days)

Everybody loves free stuff. That’s what makes this Facebook offer perform so well. Of all offers we’ve tested, this one is hands down the top performer.

Another great thing about free offers is that they have a low barrier to entry … literally as low as you can go. So if someone considers signing up for your fitness studio’s Facebook offer, they’re more likely to bite because if they don’t like it, they’ve got nothing to lose financially (because this is a free promotion).

Make sure you offer a good, solid length of time for your trial. You want to make sure that people have the opportunity to visit multiple times throughout the trial so that they begin to develop a connection with your studio.

Here are a few results from the fitness studios and gyms we’ve worked with that offered a free week (or 2 free weeks):

Facebook Offer #2: 3 for $30

For fitness studios that prefer to advertise a paid offer, we’ve seen great results from offering 3 for $30. This can be 3 classes or 3 weeks — both do well because the offer is so visually appealing.

Like the free trial, this is a low-barrier offer that still encourages people to sign up, but with this offer, you get the money up front.

One thing we noticed about this particular offer was that while it typically doesn’t bring in quite as many leads as a free trial, it does attract people who are further ahead in the decision process when it comes to buying a membership. With this offer people are ready to spend money, which means that when it comes to getting them commit to your studio, they’re ready to be sold.

Here are a few results from running a 3 for $30 Facebook offer:

  • 33 leads in 10 days for a boot camp (offer: 3 weeks for $33)
  • 95 leads in 1 month for a pilates studio

Facebook Offer ##3: 5 Weeks for $45

5 weeks for $45 is another paid offer that we’ve seen great results from. Like 3 for $30, this is a low-barrier offer that gives you an immediate return on investment. But this one is a little different …

It’s a lot more time, for not a lot more money.

5 weeks is a good length for a trial because it’s long enough to build a habit. Someone who visits your studio or gym consistently for 5 weeks gets to know your instructors and trainers by name. They build community with other studio members as well. By the end of their trial, they’ll have had the chance to really fall in love with your workout.

And while $45 might seem too low for a chunk of time that long, there’s a good reason we suggest this. We’ve found that $50 tends to be the price point where people start to question whether a purchase is worth it — anything over $50 seems like a big investment to someone who’s not familiar with your workouts, while anything less than $50 sounds much more affordable.

Here are a few results from running a 5 weeks for $45 Facebook offer:

  • 60 leads in 1 week for a boot camp
  • 206 leads in 1 month for a boot camp

best performing fitness studio offers cheat sheet (1)

Facebook offer #4: $34 Unlimited Month

Another offer we’ve seen great results with is a $34 unlimited month. Once again, it’s a low barrier offer (are you sensing a theme here?) that packs a ton of value into the trial. It’s ideal for boutique studios that offer 2 or more different fitness styles, like combined yoga and pilates studios, or a spin studio and a boot camp.

The kicker to this offer is the word “unlimited.” People know that when they claim the offer they have the opportunity to sample both sides of your studio as many times as they want within that month, which makes them more likely to stay engaged for the entire trial. And the more times they visit, the greater likelihood that they’ll want to purchase a membership.

Here are a few results from running a $34 unlimited month Facebook offer:

  • 48 leads in 1 week for a kickboxing studio
  • 112 leads in 1 month for a kickboxing studio

Facebook Offer #5: Discounted Membership

A discounted membership can be really effective … when offered by the right studio or gym. This incentive usually works best for a gym that already has some brand equity in their area — think the kind of gym that has multiple locations and a well-known name, like Orangetheory Fitness, F45, or SPENGA.

Remember that on Facebook, price does matter. Stay below the $50 mark to still get a good lead flow. And because you’ve likely knocked the price down quite a bit, you can get creative in how you show that discount. Add an overlay to your add image that shows the discount percentage, or put a slash through the full price and add the discounted price next to it.

Here are a few results from running a discounted membership Facebook offer:

  • 46 leads in 1 week for a pilates studio
  • 178 leads in 1 month for a pilates studio

These are the offers that we’ve seen get the best results of all that we’ve tested over the past 10 months. When combined with the right images, ad copy, and follow-up process, these offers can get killer results for your fitness studio! And if you want to see exactly how we put it all together for our customers, book a demo.

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