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How to Maximize Facebook Live for Your Fitness Business

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If you’re reading this, you already know how important Facebook Live is to your fitness studio or independent gym’s success. So we’ll skip that part. Instead, we’ll tell you exactly how to maximize Facebook Live for your fitness business so that you increase your followers, get more leads, and seriously boost your engagement.

With Facebook Live, Have a Strong Title and Description

Before you go Live on Facebook, you need to create a title or description for your video. Be specific here so that once people get the notification that you’re live (we’ll get to this part soon), they know exactly what your session is about.

Unfortunately right now you can’t tag people or businesses in your Facebook Live title when you do it this way. However, if you have a pre-recorded video that you’d like to stream … you can. Here’s how:

  1. Go to “Publishing Tools”
  2. Select “Video Library”
  3. Upload the video you’d like to Live stream
  4. Select that video and choose “+Live”
  5. Connect your streaming software (We use OBS)
  6. You are given the opportunity to write “What’s on your mind?” which is where you can then tag people, include emojis, place URLs, and so on.

This option is much more in-depth. If you’d like to learn more, Facebook tells you how. Another option is to edit the Facebook Live after you’re done streaming. This is where you can then include the tags, emojis, URLs, etc.

Turn On Facebook Live Notifications and Schedule

Create a photo, video, or post that’s super simple and walks people through the step-by-step process of turning on your business or personal page’s Live notifications. This way, whenever you go Live, people know right away. They’re more likely to tune in as you’re broadcasting.

You can even add the Facebook Live logo – and steps – to your Facebook cover photo so they know that you actively broadcast:Once you get into the habit of going Live, decide whether or not it’d be beneficial for you to do a Facebook Live at the same time each day/ week. So for example, we go Facebook Live for The GSD Show every Tuesday at 10am PST.

If your studio or gym wants to start a regular Facebook Live Q&A with one of your top trainers or coaches that your members and potential members get value from, you could do this each week at a time that you know would get the most engagement (during people’s lunch hour, after 5pm when people are home from work, etc.).

This way, people grow to expect content from you on a regular basis – and at a specific time. This is how you get regular viewers and loyal followers.

Email your list first

Before you do a Facebook Live, utilize your email list to your benefit. People subscribe to your content for a reason. Whether this is from a newsletter list where people opted in to your blog, or a long list of people in your CRM who attended one of your past events, reach out to them.

Send a broadcast to your audience 30 minutes and 1 minute before you do a Facebook Live. In the email, give them an exact link to the Facebook page where you’ll go Live.

Let them know exactly what the Facebook Live session is about, and include a big button that takes them to your page when clicked: When you do this, people who don’t have your Live notifications turned on still get notified that you’re going to do a video. You get more viewers during your broadcast.

Use A Soft Call To Action

More often than not, the intention of your Facebook Live is to provide value to your viewers rather to promote a hard sale. So your fitness business should want to educate during your broadcasts, whether that be on a specific workout, nutrition, different ways to stay motivated, etc.

When you provide straight value like this, it ups your credibility and people naturally want to look more into your services. That’s why it’s so important to use soft CTAs (call to action) to attract your tribe, rather than hard CTAs like “Go to to start losing weight today! Only 20 left.” That’s the type of CTA that doesn’t work as well in a Facebook Live.

Someone who’s an expert at this is Felicia Romero. She’s a 7-figure online personal trainer and the Performance Director of Loud Rumor Personal training. “People care about you, the person, first. Sell you, then your program, and you’ll attract a lot more people,” Felicia says.

Join Felicia Romero in Loud Rumor Personal Training

Soft CTAs include:

  • If you’re out there and you really just need support, reach out to me. Send me a message on Facebook and I’d be happy to help you.
  • Comment on this Live video and let me know one of your fitness goals. We’ll work together to help get you there.
  • If you really want to take that next step but aren’t sure how, just let me know. Comment on this video, Facebook message me, anything. I’m here to help you.

Share It On Your Other Facebook Pages

When you do a Facebook Live, it’s usually either from your personal profile or your business page. Whichever profile you choose to start the broadcast on, immediately share the Live session on the other profile. You may need to have someone else on your team do this if you’re the main person in the Facebook Live, because you’ll want this video to be shared as soon as you start broadcasting. Some people might follow your personal page but not your business page, and vise versa. This way, your video gets shown everywhere as its Live.

Boost Your Facebook Live Post Afterward

A guaranteed way to get more engagement from our Facebook Live is to boost the post after your video is finished. Before you boost the post, though, go back through and edit the status/ description of the video.

Add tags, URLs if desired, emojis, etc. to really make your Facebook Live stand out. Once that’s done, boost it.

So if you did a Q&A with one of your most popular coaches covering the best foods to eat before and after a workout, you can boost this post several different ways:

  • Boost it to your subscribers (you’d need to create a Custom Audience through Power Editor or Ads Manager by uploading a .csv of your subscriber list > here’s how).
  • Boost it to your retargeting list (people who have already visited your website, landing pages, etc. and are familiar with your brand). In order to do this, you first need to install your Facebook retargeting pixel on your site / landing pages in order to grow the audience so it’s large enough to use.
  • Boost it to people who like your page. This means people who follow you on Facebook.
  • Boost it to any other Custom Audience that you prefer (people with certain interests, people of a certain gender or age, and so on). This audience can be built prior to boosting the post through Power Editor, or you can do it as you boost your post:

Live streaming has become one of the top ways to provide value to your audience on demand, and Facebook Live is designed to help you reach a ton of people – if used the right way. So let us know which of these strategies you implement for your fitness business. We’d love to see how you use this tool and benefit from its many features.

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