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Increase Conversions by 40% With Facebook Carousel Ads

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

Business owners and marketers tend to have a love/ hate relationship with Facebook advertising. If you’re reading this article, chances are you already know how valuable this platform is. But successfully advertising on Facebook is easier said than done.

We’ve found a pretty awesome niche for our clients using Facebook carousel ads. Not only has this ad format been known to increase engagement and CTR by up to 50%, but also lower CPC  by 46%. These can be built through Ads Manager or Power Editor. Since February of 2015, Facebook has received a 25% increase in active users. That’s no joke! People lean on this platform for more than just updates on their family and friends. When used the right way, it’s a place where companies can thrive. So it’s time businesses jump on board and that they do so in style. That’s where Facebook carousel ads come in.

What are Facebook carousel ads

Carousel ads “showcase 3-5 images and link within a single ad unit to direct people to specific locations on your website” – Facebook.

Here’s a beautiful example from a jeweler as seen in a Facebook newsfeed:

And since Facebook posts with images receive 87% of the interaction that happens on the social media platform, you want to take advantage of this and be as visual as possible with your advertising efforts.

Regulations for carousel ads

Just like any other ad platform on Facebook, there are a few regulations when it comes to carousel ads. But these are super simple to accommodate:

  • 600×600 image size
  • Text limitation of 90 characters
  • Link limitation of 20 characters
  • Headline limitation of 40 characters

Marketers already have a niche for getting their message across in a creative and simple manner. So this shouldn’t be much of a challenge. The main purpose of carousel ads, anyways, is to appeal to users visually rather than through text.

Who should use Facebook carousel ads

Everyone can use carousel ads. Whether you offer products or services, both have gotten really strong results. From our experience, however, we’ve gotten the best results with one of our clients by showcasing their products. Since we launched their carousel ad in July, they have gotten 376 conversions (phone calls and form submissions) in less than 4 months so far.

Case Study

But before we did carousel ads for this client, we ran a standard ad in the newsfeed. This is where the real numbers come in…

Within the first month of running this client’s standard ad, they received a total of 47 conversions. We clearly wanted to skyrocket this number. Here were the standard ad’s results:


Standard Ad Metrics

The conversions, CTR, Cost Per Click, and clicks were all lower than what we wanted them to be. So we knew it was time to do something different. Carousel ads were introduced by Facebook in June of 2014, and we wanted to go even more visual. So we went for it:

Facebook Carousel Ad

Within the first month of running carousel ads, our client’s conversions had increased from 47 to 66 – this is a 40% increase in conversions. The next month (August), the carousel ads brought in 161 more conversions. And this pattern only continued up to November for the total of 376:

Carousel Ad Metrics


By switching to Facebook carousel ads for our client, we were able to decrease their CPC to about $0.31, increase their conversions to almost 400 (…and counting!), lower the cost per conversion, and increase the number of clicks and click-thru-rate percentage.

Benefits of Carousel Ads

Once we saw these killer results from our client’s carousel ads, we realized just how beneficial this format is. So aside from increasing conversions by up to 40%, carousel ads also:

  • Automatically format to desktop and mobile
  • Showcase multiple products or services at one time in one ad
  • Can be worked into standard and remarketing campaigns
  • Can be very successful because it is visually stimulating and requires interaction with the ad
  • Provides contrast from standard ads in news feeds
  • Are easy to create
  • Are compatible with both Facebook and Instagram if you choose
  • And you can show ads to current clients via their emails addresses like standard ads

That being said, you really can’t go wrong with Facebook carousel ads as along a you know how to create, use, and optimize them. They make a world of difference when it comes to performance metrics. If you have any questions on how to get started with this ad format, don’t hesitate to contact our team! We could take social media all day.