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The Facebook Campaign that Earned 3X Its Ads Budget

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

It’s our goal at Loud Rumor to help 100,000 people find a healthy lifestyle through fitness. So when we see a fitness studio that also kills this goal by helping their members with their workout service, we get pretty excited. Scottsdale Pilates & Yoga — or SPY — is one of those studios.

An Inside Look At SPY

Scottsdale Pilates & Yoga is located at Scottsdale Road and Lincoln Drive. It is split into 2 studios: a bright, airy space for yoga, aerial yoga, barre, and TRX; and a second, sunny wing that houses 6 state-of-the-art Reformer pilates machines. Here’s a sneak peek at room 1:Aside from the studio spaces, SPY offers its members a ton of amenities — filtered water on tap, spray bottles of cleaner for your mat after a sweaty session, chilled lavender towels at the end of infrared-heated classes, and fully stocked restrooms equipped with showers.

Thanks to all these awesome features, SPY draws a loyal community for its classes. Students would hang out after a class to chat with friends, and once or twice a month, a pilates class would fill up entirely. But Stephanie Taylor, the studio manager, knew there was still room for improvement. And when a friend recommended she look into Loud Rumor and our Fit FLAVER program to bring in more studio members, she did.

SPY and Fit FLAVER Working Together

Stephanie and her Facebook Ads Specialist here at Loud Rumor planned a Facebook campaign that would appeal to SPY’s target audience of mostly women. They included images of the studio so that people could see a glimpse of the space before signing up. Our team also used a fantastic offer of a free 5-day pass to give everyone enough time to visit and fit in multiple workouts. Here’s the ad that we ran with this campaign for Stephanie:The ad routed people to a landing page where they filled out a form with their name, email and phone number to claim SPY’s offer. This page also contained a video that introduced the offer and showed clips of classes in session. Studies show that landing pages with video see an 80% higher conversion rate than those without video, so this is part of every Fit FLAVER campaign. Here’s a preview:

By the end of the first week, the Fit FLAVER program brought in 225 leads for Stephanie’s studio at a cost per lead (CPL) of $0.88. By the end of the second week, the campaign had 368 leads and an overall CPL of $1.08.

Stephanie’s Killer Sales Process

To cope with such a sudden, massive influx of leads, Stephanie devised a genius follow-up strategy. Every lead that comes in triggers a 2-week cadence of events designed to get people through the doors several times during their trial period:

  • Within 24 hours: A member of the SPY staff calls the person to schedule their first visit.
  • Within 48 hours: If the SPY team was unable to reach the lead via phone the day before, a text is sent to the number the lead used to claim the offer. The team also sends an email.
  • Within 72 hours: It’s time for a second phone call if the team hasn’t made contact yet.
  • Within 96 hours: SPY staff sends a second text and email.
  • Day 6: After a 2-day radio silence, the team calls and emails again.
  • Day 7: If the lead is unresponsive, the team sends another text message.
  • Day 8: The staff sends another email asking if the person still wants to use their free pass.
  • Day 9: The team makes a final phone call.
  • Day 10: The team sends a final text message.
  • Day 11: If the lead hasn’t responded to any of the team’s contact attempts or asked them to stop, they are placed on SPY’s monthly newsletter email list so that they continue to see the brand in their inbox.

This follow-up sequence is unique because most studios stop reaching out to leads after a few attempts. But 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 8th contact, so it’s important that fitness studios reach out with the same persistence that Stephanie’s team uses.  

SPY’s Close Rate

What Stephanie and the team at SPY are doing is working, big time. In just the 2 weeks that the campaign has been active and she’s used the strategy above, the studio has had an above-average close rate of 11.4% (10% is the average we see). Her sales also come faster than the average studio, which typically takes about a month to reach that level. And she’s already earned back 3 times the amount that she spent on Facebook. In the studio things have also been noticeably busier. Pilates classes that would reach capacity only once or twice a month now have a waiting list several times a day … and often are booked for a week at a time. And yes, that’s including the 5 new classes Stephanie has added since launching the campaign.

Nearly all of the aerial yoga classes sell out as well (it’s offered 4 times a week). Though previously a few students would hang out after classes, there’s now “a buzz all day long” in the studio, Stephanie says. She’s even had to hire 2 new instructors to accommodate all of the interest in SPY’s classes.

It’s been awesome to see and be a part of  the success that Stephanie has had in helping people find a healthy lifestyle at SPY. We’re super excited with her results so far, and we can’t wait to see how her studio continues to grow.