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5 Reasons Facebook Advertising is the #1 Platform for Gyms | 2021

Facebook advertising still #1

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In 2014, Facebook advertising reached $11.49 billion in ad revenue. This was over $10 billion more than Twitter, and almost $11 billion more than LinkedIn.

What about 2015? This number increased to over $16 billion for Facebook ad revenue… and it didn’t stop there.

I first wrote back in 2016 that Facebook advertising is the #1 platform. Here we are in 2021 and guess what? It STILL is, at $31.4 billion in ad revenue.

But what makes Facebook advertising such a dominant platform over Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others?

#1: Facebook Advertising Offers Autoplay Video

Sometimes there’s no better way to get a message across than with video.

People love visuals, so when Facebook introduced their premium autoplay video ad, marketers rejoiced… eventually.

Back in September of 2015, .5 million small-to-medium sized businesses shared videos on Facebook to encourage their advertising efforts. Today, 83% of marketers believe in Facebook video ads driving purchases.

These autoplay videos allow fitness studios and gyms to reach their audience on a platform they know their prospects frequently visit, without having to go through another outlet like YouTube.

#2: Facebook Purchased Instagram

Facebook decided to simplify the entire Instagram process for businesses like gyms by offering Instagram ads built directly into Facebook Ads Manager. It’s awesome!

NOTE: 85% of Videos on Facebook are Played Without Sound. Make Sure to Caption Your Videos With Rev

And, since most people who are interested in Instagram ads are also accustomed to Facebook advertising, the process for building these campaigns is already familiar.

On top of that, people now have the same audience targeting options for their Instagram ads as they would for their Facebook ads.

#3: Facebook Advertising Has Detailed Targeting

Facebook gets really granular with their audience settings. When they introduced Detailed Targeting, it was a complete game-changer in advertising.

This gives businesses the option to target prospects in a whole new and super niche way.

Facebook’s Detailed Targeting essentially excludes certain traits or demographics from an audience. So, if you want to target women of a specific age, within a 5-mile radius of your fitness studio, and who show interest in fitness, you can.

Since very few marketing platforms to this day offer the same kind of targeting that Facebook offers, this is a very big deal.

Facebook sees an average of 2.7 billion monthly active users. Being able to attract the maximum number of prospective members within your gym’s specific area, gives your business a massive advantage.

#4: Carousel Ads (And Other Cool Formats)

What’s great about Facebook advertising is that it’s always evolving. New ad formats are constantly released which is great for gym owners. One format that’s extremely successful is carousel ads.

No other platform allows businesses to showcase their products or services so visually to where their audience actually has to engage (click) to view more without opening a new window or going to another link.

What’s also great is that Facebook regularly releases new ad formats, so there’s always something exciting for both gym owners and prospective members to look forward to.

#5: Facebook Advertising Is Mobile Friendly

Facebook knows that the world is moving entirely to—if they’re not already there—mobile. People navigate, research, shop, and make decisions on their phones every day… multiple times a day.

That’s why Facebook launched its Ads Manager app, and it’s why their ads on both their platform and Instagram continue to be perfectly enhanced for mobile.

In fact, Instagram is a purely mobile app. It’s one of the reasons Stories Ads are so popular and why YouTube jumped in on Stories too.

This is great because it allows your gym to easily optimize, create, pause, etc. your Facebook ads and campaigns directly from your mobile device.

It simplifies the entire process so your Loud Rumor Account Manager can do what they do best, maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, while on the go.

That being said, Facebook instantly set the bar for all other advertising platforms by creating this easy, convenient, and very mobile friendly app.

What other reasons would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

One of my favorite advertising platforms is YouTube. But right now, Facebook advertising is still the #1 marketing platform… for now.

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