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How to Run Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

email marketing tactics for gyms

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In today’s current landscape of paid advertising and video-based marketing, it’s easy to think that emails are a thing of the past. Guess what, though?! Email marketing is alive and well, and Loud Rumor is here to help gym owners use it effectively. 

Get ready to take notes because this blog is packed full of useful tips! Loud Rumor is even giving away a couple of FREE resources to go along with them!

Effective Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Call off the Grim Reaper and cancel the funeral — email marketing is NOT dead! In fact, with the recent changes in paid advertising, it’s more relevant than ever! Think about it: what’s the easiest way to reach current customers and individuals that have opted in already? Sure, a company could run an ad and attempt to target its customers. Or, they can send them a direct email…for free!

Business owners can stop wasting time and money, cut to the chase, and send an email to the company’s subscriber list. If there isn’t one, we’ll cover how to build one and sustain it for future growth. 

If They Build It, It Will Grow

Before a company can run an effective email marketing campaign, it has to have a list of subscribers in the queue waiting to receive said email. Building this email list doesn’t have to be a daunting task, despite popular opinion. The best practice is to start early and build slowly but even if the company is decades old, it’s not too late! It just takes a little bit of creative thinking and consistent effort. 

1. Start With Paid Advertising

While this blog is championing the cause for email marketing, it’s not saying that paid advertising doesn’t serve a worthy purpose for a business. When it comes to starting your email and subscriber list, paid advertising is a fantastic tool to have in a company’s belt. Businesses can run a quick ad on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. that’s geared toward the target audience, and it’s one of the best ways to efficiently collect contact information and build that coveted list. 

Loud Rumor runs ads for thousands of fitness studios and gyms across the world! If you’re interested in learning more about how we can work with you, just click the link below!

A simple ad offering a freebie relevant to the business is all it takes. The ad should take prospects to a landing page that asks for their contact information before they have access to the download, such as an email address. The landing page should include all of the information necessary, such as email address, phone number, age, and anything else that can help future emails better serve the customer’s needs. 

2. Lead With Value

The key thing for businesses to remember with paid advertising is to lead with value! The customer needs a reason to give their information away and opt into the company’s email list. Once this value-adding component is decided, this opt-in form should be blasted everywhere possible. It should be on the company’s website, newsletter, social media — just get it out there! Remember, the form should be relevant and enticing, so they have a reason to give up their private information. 

3. Nurture the Babies

(I promise, we’re almost to the free downloadable cheat sheet part. Keep reading!)

A company’s effective email marketing list is like a finicky fiddle leaf plant. If that baby is going to grow, it needs to be nurtured regularly! That’s where email campaigns really come into play. For an email list to be effective, it should be pruned and segmented on a fairly regular basis. Subscribers should be siphoned off into groups based on their buying life cycle, that way the business owner can market to them based on their needs. 

For example, one segment may be for a group that has opted in but hasn’t made a purchase quite yet. Another segment may be for active users that need touchpoints showing them they’re appreciated, while yet another segment may be for users that have lost touch with the business and need to be pulled back in. 

Once the segments are in place, it’s easier for businesses to know how to market to subscribers and get them started on automated campaigns. These campaigns should be full of touchpoints that add value (think FREEBIE) and let the customers know that they’re cared for. 

If it’s difficult to find the words to say to your email list, this is where Loud Rumor can help with a free download. This is a cheat sheet with a list of proven headlines for new customers guaranteed to get their attention and move them to open the email. Click the button below!

Bonus Level: Two Most Important Factors for Success

Now that the email list is built and segmented out, a company must know the two most important factors when it comes to running an effective email marketing campaign. They may not be what’s expected. 

Studies have shown that the most important ingredient for high open rates is what the customer sees in the “from” field — NOT the subject line! If a reader recognizes who the email is coming from, they’re far more likely to open it up and read what’s inside. Sure, the subject line is still important, but the gateway is in the sender field. 

Second, for the email to be effective, it has to have impeccable copywriting. It doesn’t matter how many people open an email, if the copy isn’t clear and effective, it’s a dud. This is something Loud Rumor believes so strongly in that they dedicated a whole video to it. Watch it here!

Raise a Glass to the GOAT

Email isn’t dead, people. In fact, in many ways, it’s the GOAT for marketing. There’s no better way to reach customers directly while spending zero dollars. Those email lists have to start growing and need nurturing with continued touchpoints and added value. If a business can do that consistently, it will have a treasure trove of customers at its fingertips eagerly awaiting news of the next “big thing” coming down the pipeline.

Having effective mail marketing goes hand in hand with sales. So if you need to brush up on some closing skills, check out this episode of The GSD Show where Mike interviews CEO of X3 Sports, Mike Littrel, who’s doing over $5 MILLION a year at his studios! He and his team have an incredible system, be sure to learn more here!

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