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The Dailey Method: 7 days, 61 Leads, 1 Power Couple

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

At Loud Rumor, we help fitness studios grow and get new members. So when we see fitness studio owners who are as committed to their members as Tarra and Aly are at The Dailey Method, we can’t help but recognize them.

The Dailey Method is a multidiscipline barre fitness franchise that uses elements from dance, yoga and pilates to align and tone the entire body. It started in San Francisco in 2000 and quickly grew to more than 60 locations … including one in Phoenix, owned by husband-and-wife duo Aly and Tarra Sachedina. One of our team members was also lucky enough to take one of their barre classes and loved the experience. Not only is the studio beautiful, but the instructors are incredibly attentive when it comes to welcoming new students, focusing on form during class, and making you feel comfortable. Not to mention she was sore the next day!

But even though The Dailey Method has a strong presence across 3 continents, Aly and Tarra struggled to gain a following in Arizona. Their studio at Desert Ridge Marketplace is the franchise’s only location in the state, which makes it difficult to build brand recognition on the scale of other locations.

The studio’s location within the shopping center ads a layer of difficulty. Though Desert Ridge is a busy area, The Dailey Method is in a second-story suite with no ground entrance, which discourages foot traffic. The shopping center also regulates signage fairly heavily — it can’t be too big or cover too much of the building.

With little brand recognition and few walk-in members, Aly and Tarra decided to turn to online marketing for help. They chose Loud Rumor’s Fit FLAVER program, and together we set up a campaign with a Facebook ad that showcased their awesome promotion of 1 free unlimited week.Right away, they started seeing results. Overnight there were 16 people who redeemed the offer on Facebook.By the end of the first week they had 61 new people who had submitted their first name, last name, email, and phone number via form submission to redeem the 1 free week. Even more impressive is that Aly and Tarra were able to schedule 14 of those people to come in for an introductory class.Part of the campaign’s success came from existing members, who were quick to comment on The Dailey Method’s Facebook ads and tag friends who might also be interested. This was great for 2 reasons. Word-of-mouth referrals carry more weight than traditional advertising because they prove that current members find value in the fitness studio. On top of that, Aly and Tarra could follow up with the people who were tagged without having to send them through the campaign. This meant they could keep their cost low — in fact, for the first week that brought them 61 potential new members, they only paid $3.25 per form submission. Follow up also had a huge role in how well this campaign performed. So when someone claimed the 1 free week, an email was automatically sent with their coupon and bonus offer from Aly and Tara. From there, they followed up with these potential new students by phone to schedule their first class in the studio. But Aly and Tarra took it a step further and reached out to these people via email as well as by phone.

“Just from our own experience with our current clients, we know that people don’t always interact via phone, but they interact really well via email,” Aly told us. “So we’re doing our best to reach them, and reach them in a way that works best for them.”

That extra step helps. One person who filled out the form for a coupon put in the wrong phone number by accident, Aly said, but he and Tarra were able to reach the person by email and get them into the studio multiple times in their first week.

With so many people reaching out in such a short amount of time, organization is crucial. So Aly developed a system for tracking each customer’s response. On the left, he records the date that the lead came in, followed by the person’s name and phone number. He records how many times the team at The Dailey Method reaches out to each person and color-codes them according to whether they were able to make contact. He also tracks which class package each person signs up for, how many times they have attended, and when their membership will expire.There’s also a lot of great strategy involved in the campaign’s offers. People who claimed the free week of unlimited classes had the chance to get an additional free week if they called the studio right away to book their first session. For those who didn’t claim the bonus offer, Tarra and Aly offered an additional free week if a person came 3 times during their first week.

“The class can be challenging, and it can take a few classes under your belt before it really resonates with you,” Aly said.

The incentive to come in more often during their free week gives new students more time to get hooked on The Dailey Method’s awesome workout. This also gives Aly and Tarra more chances to build a relationship with that new student … which increases the likelihood that they’ll purchase a class package when their free trial runs out. Several people who signed up for the free week have already told Aly and Tarra they want to do just that.

Fitness studios everywhere face the same struggle as The Dailey Method: building brand recognition and attracting a following of people who regularly choose their fitness studio above all the other options out there. The Fit FLAVER program was developed to help fitness studios like The Dailey Method that already have an awesome program in place but  want marketing guidance to bring in more new members.

If you want low-impact alignment, toning from head to toe, and an awesome customer experience, you can’t go wrong with The Dailey Method. And now that they’re signing more and more people through Fit FLAVER… you may want to reserve your spot quickly!

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