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How to Create A Custom Tab for Your Fitness Studio’s Facebook Page

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

In this how-to video, we show you exactly how to create a custom tab for your fitness studio’s Facebook page. This is a great opportunity to showcase your class schedule, before and after photos of your members, customer testimonials, and more.

So rather than taking people away from your Facebook page, a custom tab allows you to encourage people to take action right away, or highlight something you want them to know about your studio.

Watch the video below and follow steps 1 – 14 below:

  • Step 1: Login to
  • Step 2: Click “Add a New App” in the top right corner
  • Step 3: Choose your display name and category, and do the security check
  • Step 4: In the dashboard, click “Setting”
  • Step 5: Click “+Add Platform”
  • Step 6: From Select Platform, choose “Page Tab”
  • Step 7: Customize your tab with the Tab URL (this is the page you want people to see) and the name of the tab that will appear on your Facebook page
  • Step 8: Click “Save Changes”
  • Step 9: Take this link and we will modify 2 sections: “YOUR_APP_ID” and “YOUR_URL”-
  • Step 10: To modify the link, first go to settings in your app to find your app ID and sub it out in this URL from Step 9: “YOUR_APP_ID”
  • Step 11: To modify the second portion of the URL from Step 9, copy and paste the “Secure Page Tab URL” from your settings and sub it out with: “YOUR_URL”.
  • Step 12: Go to that updated URL
  • Step 13: Choose which Facebook page you want the tab to be added to
  • Step 14: Click “Add Page Tab” – you’re done! Now head on over to your studio’s Facebook page and see the tab you’ve created.