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Creating Social Content that Moves the Needle

Mike Cushing

Mike Cushing

Whether you want to reach private consumers or corporate decision makers, social media is a super important element of a well-rounded marketing plan. So, why is it a continual struggle for marketers and business owners?

Because so few social media professionals effectively focus their initiatives on the right audiences and actually track the success of their efforts.

Successfully creating social content that really helps your business starts with properly identifying your audience. So let’s get started.

Build Persona-Driven Audience Segments

Given the broad access social media provides, it’s tempting to want to reach everyone in a single swipe, but this mindset typically fails…

The most effective way to create social content that will actually resonate with your customers is by building buyer personas. Personas allow you to tailor content for specific audience segments, which frames your products or services to meet distinct buyer needs.

Properly segmenting your audience through personas can help determine which social media channels you should use to reach a particular group of customers, and which messages will inspire people to invest.

Identify Your Funnel

Even though personas are really valuable, you also have to know how and when certain pieces of content will connect with a particular consumer or buyer. Basically, you need to know your audience.

Social media is often considered a “top-of-the-funnel” marketing channel to build brand awareness and trust rather than drive a sale.

Done right, it can help you reach customers further down the funnel or even drive sales. So once you’ve crafted personas, take the time to break out questions that may be most important to each and match those questions to stages in the buying cycle – awareness, consideration, purchase, and so on.

Then, creating social content such as a blog and other material allows you to answer those questions and move customers closer to a sale or decision.

Custom URLs and Trackability

One of the easiest ways to track the effectiveness of your content is through custom URLs with UTM tags. Google’s custom URL builder allows you to track campaign source, traffic medium and more. This is awesome for segmenting traffic to determine which messages resonate on certain channels.

That being said, it’s super useful for content marketing and refined measurement of paid social efforts. And who doesn’t love that.

Conversions Over Conversations

If you know where your traffic comes from, the next step is to set concrete goals for your efforts. Without clear targets, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s actually connecting with your customers.

According to The CMO Survey, less than a third of social media practitioners track conversion rates. That means a ton of marketers have no way of connecting their social media efforts to their company’s bottom line.

Obviously, it’s still important to initiate and track social conversations, but you can’t talk just for the sake of talking. Your primary goal should be to drive traffic to your website for killer business. Trackable conversions can include everything from contact form submissions and phone number clicks to product demos and e-commerce transactions.

Done right, creating social content has the power to attract new audiences, inspire existing fans and drive revenue for your business. And that’s exactly what you should be doing.