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Create A Virtual, At-Home Fitness Option For Under $100

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If this pandemic has taught the fitness industry one thing it’s this: Survival belongs to those who pivot, rise to the challenge, and launch live at-home fitness.

The saddening loss of a fitness studio could be felt when its owner had this incredible opportunity, in the face of panic and quarantine, that other businesses didn’t, and chose to do nothing with it. 

…it breaks my heart.

When stay-at-home orders first hit and studios were forced to closed, the owners who did nothing suffered and the owners who pivoted to an online, virtual, at-home option won.

Plus, it was super easy for them to just switch to a virtual studio and get tons of new members and make boatloads of money, right? Of course not… it was hard ass work. BUT…

Option A: Struggle and suffer and hope you can wait this thing out. If you can’t, you lose your business.

Option B: Struggle and suffer but create an alternative that might generate revenue and save your business. If not, you did everything you possibly could but still lost your business.

I don’t know about you, but Option B sounds like a no-brainer. The top-performing fitness studios we work with thought so, and they worked their tails off to go for it. To pivot. To save their business during a global pandemic.

The result?

Fitness Studios With An At-Home Virtual Option Will Thrive Long After Coronavirus Is Over

When the smoke clears and the dust settles in a post-Coronavirus world (whatever that ends up being) the fitness studio owners who took the risk, who took what little money they had left and dumped it into creating at-home workouts, marketing their program, and selling new members, will walk away stronger in multiple ways because they’ll become:

  • Pandemic-proof
  • Recession-resilient
  • Proud owners of TWO revenue-generating fitness options (at-home + in-studio)

The fitness studio owners who didn’t pivot? They might survive. The Paycheck Protection Program might’ve been enough to float them. They might be able to reopen. They might have a few members who continued paying them. Maybe. But they won’t be any stronger in the face of the next economic (or who the hell knows) disaster. They’ll be too timid and conservative to experience the true potential of their businesses when times are actually good and they’ll be afraid to really grow as a leader and an owner. Luckily…

While this sounds pretty harsh and doom and gloom, there IS good news for them. It’s not too late…

There’s Far Less Saturation With At-Home Fitness Options

Fitness Studio Owners who are struggling, who didn’t pivot into an at-home, virtual workout program, who are excited that places are opening up again but know it’s going to be a massive uphill climb after everything that’s happened can STILL take advantage of creating an online option… for UNDER $100.

Now, you might be thinking Why would I do that if my fitness studio is about to reopen?

Here’s why:

  • It’s going to be very difficult to get old members back and gain enough new members to survive
  • Most people are still going to stay home despite businesses opening back up
  • You can target members outside your local area to join your online option
  • Members are LOVING their at-home fitness option (especially the LIVE workouts)
  • You can still enjoy TWO revenue-generating fitness options when things get back to “normal”
  • A huge 2nd wave of Coronavirus is expected to hit in Fall… before a vaccine is available
  • You’ll be able to keep members engaged and loving your brand beyond your physical studio

…these are just some of the reasons this is such an incredible option. In fact, we’re going to be unleashing something special for our members. When we first helped people pivot into an online option, it was a stop-gap to get through this pandemic. But now?

With the success that fitness studio owners who work with us have experienced, we see that virtual fitness for them isn’t going away. Their members truly do love it. It’s becoming a full-fledged second business for them. And we’re going to help them really grow it.

Moral of the story: Virtual, At-Home Fitness Options for Fitness Studios won’t go away when Coronavirus goes away and those who take advantage of it now won’t just scratch and claw to survive, they’ll thrive well into the future.

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