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Want to work at Loud Rumor?  We don't blame you!  After winning several awards such as Phoenix Business Journal's #1 Best Place to Work and repeat winners of Ad Agency of the Year, you're likely to learn a lot, and have a lot of fun along the way!


Executive Assistant

In this position, you will work closely and exclusively with Loud Rumor CEO Mike Arce. Your only report will be the CEO and you're 100% accountable for making sure he has everything he needs at all times.  You will manage his schedule and know it like the back of your hand. Before he needs anything, you think of it first and beat him to the request.  You have a strong passion for being 100% involved with the company and all that it's working on, as Mike will be this way and will need you right there with him. You'll be traveling several times per year with him and some of his team members for important meetings, conferences, interviews, and trainings. You will be in charge of communicating with Mike's most important contacts and will be the gatekeeper of all distractions that Mike faces throughout the day. You will learn a lot in the position as you'll be along with Mike almost everywhere he goes and you'll not only learn from him, but from the many people he learns from as well.  This is one of the most sought after positions in any fast growing organization and will need an enthusiastic, excited, positive, and motivated person in this role. Experience as an assistant is preferred, but not necessary. Mike cares more about your attitude, consistency, and organization skills.

Account Manager

The account managers at Loud Rumor are the backbone of the entire company.  They are the ones in charge of helping all Loud Rumor members achieve their goals. Account managers spend their day building high performing ad campaigns, optimizing ad campaigns, learning about new ways to improve ad campaigns, communicating with members, and finding solutions for their members. This position is not an easy one, but is very lucrative. You'll also be working with a large team of other account managers to bounce ideas off of and learn from.  You'll be building ad campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and many other ad platforms that benefit our members. You'll also be creating landing page funnels, automate text and email campaigns, and retargeting campaigns. This position requires someone that feels uncomfortable NOT rechecking their work, as they are 100% committed to getting the details right. This person should also be very organized and a great, great communicator.  You'll have to have exciting conversations with members about good times, and tough conversations with members about bad times, and need to be able to handle both types very well. Experience in not necessary as we can train you, but is preferred.


Are you great at sales?  Then this is a great place for you, as we have very aggressive goals and need incredibly motivated and skilled salespeople to help us achieve them. You have to have an amazing attitude and be extremely coachable. You will also be going through daily sales training and daily role play sessions to improve your performance month after month. You'll be communicating with fitness studio owners all over the world of all types; small independent studios and franchisees of major franchises. You have to be absolutely committed to following the systems and processes that Loud Rumor has in place for this department. We have remote and in-office positions available and depending on skill set and work style, we may consider you for either. Most of your meetings will be either by phone or video conference and you'll be primarily communicated through phone, text, and email. 1 yr working experience necessary. 

Graphic Designer

We need very creative people in this role that are not only great at graphic design, but love what they do. You will primarily be designing for Loud Rumor, not Loud Rumor's members. We are counting on you to elevate our brand while sticking to our brand guidelines. You'll be designing creatives for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube thumbnails, LinkedIn, Twitter, logos, banner ads, print work graphics, email, brochures, and anything and everything graphic design. You have a great team by your side (Marketing Director, Ads Manager, Content Marketer, Video Producers, Systems Developer, etc. to help you be successful. You will be getting a lot of feedback, good and bad. So you have to be famous amongst your friends, family members, and ex-coworkers for taking constructive feedback very, very well. This is mandatory. If you cannot take feedback, you won't last here very long. 6 months working experience necessary. 

Video Producer

You've probably noticed that Loud Rumor has a ton of great, high quality videos all over the internet. They gotten better and better over the years and we want that trend to continue. That's why we're looking to add even more talented video producers to our team. You'll be in charge of making videos of all types for Loud Rumor and Loud Rumor's members. You will be getting a lot of feedback, good and bad. So you have to be famous amongst your friends, family members, and ex-coworkers for taking constructive feedback very, very well. This is mandatory. If you cannot take feedback, you won't last here very long. 6 months working experience necessary.

Junior Account Manager

This position is designed for someone with no to little experience running ads, but wants to eventually grow into an account manager one day. As a junior account manager, you'll be building trained on how to build high converting ad campaigns from end-to-end, and will then be responsible for building them for the account managers. You'll work closely with them and the Agency Fulfillment Managers, and you'll learn a tremendous amount about marketing and advertising along the way. Over time, if you wanted to become an account manager, you can apply for an interview as positions open up. No experience necessary, but an incredible attitude and desire to learn is.


We are always interviewing for several positions at Loud Rumor. To learn more, please email admin@loudrumor.com.  
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