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How To Get Your Fitness Studio A 135% Broader Reach On Facebook

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

If you’re reading this blog, you already understand the importance of a social media presence. So what I’m going to teach you now is how to seriously take your reach on Facebook to a whole new level.

Right now, you and your team invest time to post great content on your fitness studio’s Facebook page, and you want to get that content in front of as many of the right people as possible. But the best way to do that is to with video. Let’s dive in.

Videos vs. Images

The most effective type of Facebook post is video, which has a 135% broader organic reach than photos. While photos are posted more often, videos are more engaging and likely to reach your target audience. On top of that, live videos have quickly gained popularity and it’s easy to see why. People spend 3x more time watching a live video than previously broadcasted videos, and these live videos appear higher in news feeds.

For fitness studios, it’s super simple to incorporate this. Broadcast your workout classes, events, Q&A sessions, testimonials from members, etc. to encourage your followers to tune in.

Videos are also a personal way to connect with your audience online. Because of this, make the experience for your viewers top notch. Whether you do a Facebook Live or you post a pre-recorded video, engage with your followers. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Ask questions during your video. If you post a video about what to eat before or after a workout, ask questions like, “What time of day do you prefer to workout?” or “What’s the type of workout you’re going to do?”
  • Suggest that they share this video with anyone else they know who’d get value from the content.
  • Show your personality. I’ve said this before, but people can’t laugh with someone they don’t trust. So if you include a few natural jokes and humor and they laugh, subconsciously they’ll feel like they trust you.
  • Hit on their pain points. If your niche is moms who just had a baby, bring up problems they may currently face (sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, stubborn weight, feeling selfish if they leave their baby at home to go workout) and provide direct solutions in your video. Your content should really relate to your target market so they know you’re speaking directly to them.

Add Subtitles

Of the 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users, 90% of people use their mobile phones to access the platform. And not everyone wants to watch videos on their phone with sound, especially when they’re in a public place. But you can prevent people from scrolling past your video by adding subtitles.

On average, captions on video ads increase view time by 12%. And when it comes down to your reach and how many people engage with your content, this is huge.

Facebook also has a tool that automatically generates captions for you. But trust me, you’ll want to revise these auto-generated subtitles as they’re rarely 100% accurate. In an upcoming blog, I’ll also go more in depth and show you how to add subtitles in other ways and with really simple tools.

Boost Posts

To engage with as many people as possible, you’ll need to do more than post videos throughout the week. On average, organic posts like this (that aren’t paid) only reach 2.6% of your audience. Make sure that your content shows up in your audience’s news feed by boosting posts – or creating ads. You can choose your target audience when you boost a post, which means you can reach people who are more likely to engage with your content. You’re also able to track your results and use that data to improve future posts through your page’s “insights.”

Post High-Quality Content

You can post videos all day long, but they aren’t going to get views, likes, or shares if they aren’t great quality. Remember to always post about things that your audience wants to see.

Nielsen analyzed Facebook’s data and found that people who watched a video for less than 3 seconds created up to 47% of the total campaign value. The research showed that the longer a video is viewed, the more it increases brand awareness and purchase consideration.

Post interesting videos that your audience will want to watch. Then, track metrics within Page Insights to see how well your videos are performing. If you aren’t sure what topics to talk about in your video …. consider a few of these 75 ideas to download:

Include Women in Your Videos

Most fitness studios hold group workout classes like yoga, HIIT, spin, pilates, and so on. While it’s true that men also love to workout … we’ve come to realize through testing that women actually convert at a much lower cost per click (CPC) on Facebook.

And if you take a look at the members in your group workout classes, there’s probably a good chance that the vast majority of them are female.

That’s why we encourage studios to include women in their Facebook videos. The people watching and following your content are most likely female. So when they see other women in your content doing your workout, hosting a Q&A, etc., there’s a better chance that they’ll relate to your message and brand.

Women and men have different preferences about content posted on social media. If your audience is primarily women, figure out what kind of content gets the most engagement by tracking gender insights.

Test out these simple changes to your fitness studio’s Facebook game and let us know which ones really help boost your reach and engagement. If there’s anything else you’re doing that’s really working, let us know! We’d love to learn about it and share your success.