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Boxing Club Signs 25 New Members in 1 Month

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“It was the best decision I’ve made since opening my business.” And it led to 25 new members in 1 month…

That’s what our customer, a boxing studio, said when they jumped on board at Loud Rumor. Since joining in February, their lead flow and sales have gone through the roof, earning them one of the top sales spots in their boxing franchise for the first quarter.

So let’s take a quick look at the campaign results …

Campaign Results

This campaign generated 206 leads in the first month. That means 206 different people filled out the boxing studio’s form with their first and last names, phone number, and email online saying they wanted to go work out there.

The cost per click (CPC) of the campaign was $1.82. The cost per lead (CPL) was $2.19. This means that most of the people who clicked the ad also filled out the form to claim the offer.

In less than a month, they sold 25 new, paying memberships as a direct result of this campaign. And here’s the real kicker …

They only spent $452 in Facebook ad spend to do it.

The campaign also made his team a lot stronger. The massive influx of leads showed the staff where any holes were in their sales process so they could fix it ASAP.

How It’s Done

Kris signed up with our 3 Ways To Own Your Market program where we launched a marketing campaign that included Facebook advertising, landing pages, automated emails, and more. Here’s a breakdown:

A Great Offer

A huge part of this campaign was the offer, a free week for newcomers. After working with over hundreds of fitness studios, the free week promotion has proven time and time again to be the most successful.

best performing fitness studio offers cheat sheet (1)

Get New Members #1: Facebook Ad

In any Facebook ad, you want to grab your audience’s attention right away so they don’t keep scrolling. Here’s what theirs looked like:

Title Boxing FB Ad for new members

We also used a video in this ad instead of a still image of the studio. Facebook’s algorithm gives videos preference over photos or text, so this gave a 135% broader reach.

Get New Members #2: Landing page

Studies show that conversions increase 115% when an ad routes people to a landing page rather than a website. So the Facebook ad took people to a ClickFunnels page where leads filled out a form with their name, email and phone number to claim the free week offer. Here’s a quick scroll-through of the landing page:

title boxing landing page for new members

Get New Members #3: Automated Email

The button to claim the pass triggered an automatic email series to the boxing studio’s new leads. Immediately after claiming their free week, the leads each received a welcome email that looked like this:

Title Boxing Email

The email gave people directions for how to set up their first class on the free week pass, but it also clued them as to how they could take advantage of an extra bonus offer and encouraged them to act fast so they wouldn’t lose their spot on the list.

These two added factors — incentive and urgency — made Kris’s job easier when it came to initiating the sales process.

But if a lead didn’t act on that first email, they still got two more emails throughout the next week reminding them to set up their free week.

…And So Much More

There’s a lot more that went into this campaign, from a personalized intake call to green-screen videos we filmed in-office. If you want to learn more about how we get these results for fitness studios and clubs like this one, check out our 3 Ways To Own Your Market program.

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